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Stopped by the library for some Hurricane Irene reading (not that I don't have 600+ books in the house already) and found this. Since it's been panned, spanked and spat upon by several of GR snootiest reviewers, I'll probably enjoy it.
Aug 27, 2011 09:47AM
Robopocalypse (Robopocalypse, #1)

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"I didn't mean to make the toys so mad. Mom said they can't feel anything. She said the toys only pretend to be happy and sad and mad. But my mom was wrong."
Aug 29, 2011 06:18PM
Robopocalypse (Robopocalypse, #1)

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Okay, clearly this is not for everyone. And the author photo in the back is downright disturbing. But it still doesn't give me any more respect for the snooty GR reviewers. So there.
Aug 28, 2011 06:05PM
Robopocalypse (Robopocalypse, #1)

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