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j is 40% done
you know writing an entire book in second person is annoying, but you do it anyway. you agree, but you are still reading it. wait, who are you again?
Feb 07, 2011 09:20PM
Halting State


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j is finished
you have almost no idea what happened in the last quarter of your book. you wonder if anyone will notice. oh well, you have been nominated for the hugo like six times already, it's not like they're going to pass on this one just because it isn't any good.
Feb 14, 2011 06:27AM
Halting State

j is 90% done
wow, you're starting to realize your book is really quite boring. why did you find it necessary to include all of those scenes where the characters sit around and make suppositions about the plot?
Feb 13, 2011 09:38PM
Halting State

j is 65% done
now you are wondering why you have written a book with such low stakes. 70 percent into your plot and almost nothing has happened! you quickly try to think of a way to spice things up. maybe the whole plot has been about terrorism?
Feb 10, 2011 07:21AM
Halting State

j is 15% done
Feb 06, 2011 05:13PM
Halting State

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message 1: by Luke (new) - added it

Luke Burrage Check out my podcast review of this book. I do the entire thing in second person!

William Thomas good god, maybe i'll take it off my to-read list

message 3: by Luke (new) - added it

Luke Burrage It's actually surprisingly readable.

message 4: by Kat Kennedy (new)

Kat Kennedy Sounds interesting! Your identity crisis, I mean.

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