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"According to Marcie's mom, only people with no class actually use the work class. If you have it, then you never talk about it." "Oh."Johnny nodded slowly. "Just like herpes." LMAO. Oh my god. I should not read this at work. Cos I laugh, and quite obviously cannot disclose why. Hahahaha.
Jan 18, 2011 12:57AM
A Match Made in High School


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Jan 19, 2011 03:37AM
A Match Made in High School

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I underestimated this book, its really funny! I think I'm hooked. Haha.
Jan 19, 2011 02:23AM
A Match Made in High School

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Nomes i think i should re-read this one. i was in a funk when i read it and it didn;t leave much of an impression on me... but i think it's my kind of book.

Brooke I'm a total idiot, it should read "... use the WORD class..." lol.

I was a bit like that too when I started it, but I sat down at lunch today and it's actually getting better. The first 30 or so pages were a bit iffy, but I'm really enjoying the humor.

Thanks to Tina for encouraging me, lol :)

message 3: by Nic (new)

Nic I have this in my TBR stack somewhere.....

Nomes LOL NIc. I get anxious about my TBR. I need to get over that feeling... I don;t like them sitting there unread... trying to fly through my books this month before school goes back.

message 5: by Kim (new)

Kim =D

~Tina~ I've never read a book that made me laugh my ass off the entire time like this book did. I'm glad your enjoying it Brooke:)

Brooke It's got some really good laugh-out-loud moments, hey Tina! It's not overly deep (so far anyway, we'll see how it progresses) but it'ss definitely entertaining me. I love the mental image of an "electrocuted skunk" hairdo. Haha :oP

~Tina~ I don't think it's suppose to be a deep story but more of a lesson later on. I wish the author would write more, I'm curious what her next book will bring.
Soooo funny!

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