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This is book #15 in the series. I haven't read any of 'em and probably won't finish this one because I'm confused and bored already.
Sep 08, 2010 07:17AM
Night Shadow (T-FLAC, #14)


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Bark's Book Nonsense I think you're right. The heroine seems like a brainless twit. She's a rookie secret agent (or something) and on her first assignments she *forgets* to wear her safety gear and gets shot. I have too little patience to stomach this stuff ;)

message 2: by Ladiibbug (new)

Ladiibbug I enjoyed the earlier T-FLAC books, but quit reading Into Thin Air (#6?) a few weeks ago ... just SO unbelievable and downright stupid. In the first ten pages, a rookie female agent (gorgeous, of course) is deemed to be vital to the team's success in a super important mission against an very bad man. As the mission is in a critical stage, the female rookie agent disobeys her team leader's orders, does some TSTL things, then freezes in fear, all of which endanger the mission and the lives of her team. *shakes head* ITA w/Bark, I have no patience with just plain idiotic plot set-ups like this - it makes me feel dumb just reading it. Of course, the team leader is ultra hunky, sexy and the sexual chemistry crackles between the TSTL female agent and her team leader as a life and death mission is underway. *sigh* That was my last Cherry Adair on the shelf and I won't be reading anything by her ever again.

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Ladiibbug Correction: The book is On Thin Ice, not Into Thin Air

Bark's Book Nonsense Thanks, I definitely won't be pursuing these. This time the rookie has to share a room with a gorgeous agent and they both have the same name (first and last). It's all so contrived I just can't take it.

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Ladiibbug The same first and last names? *groan*

On a more positive note ... how your DH & DS? Both still on the injured/sick list? How are you holding up? Good luck!

Bark's Book Nonsense DH is seeing a specialist in Nov,the blood clot is not dissolving very quickly at all so it's nerve wracking. DS is healing up, he fell skateboarding and broke his wrist requiring surgery a few days before school began. This stuff always happens all at once. The basement flooded while we were away on our first vacation in 15 years and my car was trashed by some jackass who rammed me a few mos. ago. I'm beginning to feel like there is a dark cloud hanging over my head. I'm due for some serious good luck and should probably start playing the lottery.

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Ladiibbug (((( Bark & Family ))))

I'm sending you vibes for Mega Good Luck, Good Fortune, and a quick return to Good Health for your DH and DS.

Dontcha just hate it when you feel like The Universe is conspiring against you?! C'mon, Sunny Skies, hurry on over to Bark's house and chase away the dark clouds!

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