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Meh. I think I need a break from YA paranormal romance, but I'm trying to finish these two before Dark Flame comes out on Tuesday.
Jun 18, 2010 04:52PM
Blue Moon (The Immortals, #2)


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Jun 19, 2010 03:13PM
Blue Moon (The Immortals, #2)

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Jun 19, 2010 12:39PM
Blue Moon (The Immortals, #2)

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Jun 19, 2010 09:16AM
Blue Moon (The Immortals, #2)

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Tori I don't like these as much. I think they might turn out like the house of night ones. :/

Michael Yeah, I heard Shadowland sucked. Oh well. Sizzling Sixteen comes out on Tuesday! :DDDDD I'm going to be first in line.

Tori Woo! Can't wait! I have it on hold so maybe I'll get it soon. I love that series. :) shadowland was okay. But I think she made a few mistakes in it that will make the series worse. Can't tell you what they are, but you'll see.

Michael I know, I can't wait! It was probably be bad like Finger Lickin' Fifteen, but that's okay. :) Okay, I'm probably starting Shadowland tomorrow, so I'll let you know.

Tori Yeah, I don't care how it is. I still love them. :) Theyre so funny! And yeah, let me know what you think.

Michael I actually kinda like what's going on in Blue Moon right now. It's one long "WTF?" moment.

Tori Yeah, it's pretty exciting I guess I liked blue moon enough, but I don't think shadowland was that great.

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