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Serial murder -- a nice rest from fantasy, esp. my brief venture into Gene Wolfland, ha.
Apr 07, 2010 05:53AM
Deeper Than the Dead (Oak Knoll, #1)


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message 7: by new_user (new)

new_user LOL. Traumatizing, eh? I had no idea. Everyone always talks about him like one of the godfathers of fantasy or something.

Sandra Yeah, well they can have him for all I care. I think it must be a snob thing, like those people who rave about the bouquets of fine wine, etc. Utter tripe. But, hey. That's just my humble opinion.

message 5: by new_user (new)

new_user LOL! I will shove him to the back of the list (if he was on there, LOL). I think I read that his style wasn't too sophisticated either.

Sandra Well the book I started was about this guy who was an apprentice executioner with a sword he called by name (do you think the male propensity for naming his member is fallout from no longer carrying swords?) and the woman he executed first had to have her cheeks branded, then her legs broken, then her head chopped off while the crowd stood cheering. Then he was told she was innocent, and his impulse was to laugh uproariously and dance around in circles. And he was the HERO of the story. Gag.

message 3: by new_user (last edited Apr 07, 2010 03:03PM) (new)

new_user No regret? :(

Sandra NO, LOL!

message 1: by new_user (last edited Apr 07, 2010 03:44PM) (new)

new_user Okay, I don't really need to read more misogynist material. I will wipe Wolfe from the list, LOL.

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