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This was recommended by a trusted friend! He said it should prove very interesting reading for me. We'll see!
Mar 26, 2010 07:18PM
Atlas Shrugged


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message 1: by Terry (new)

Terry This was required reading in my family, Dezengo! You "had" to read it by age 21 or my Mother would be terribly offended. LOLOL But, I am glad she kind of forced it on me. It was a foundation for more reading, and a greater understanding of the world. Invaluable for a 21 year old in backwater Texas! Except ... we were not 'backwater' thanks to Mother's nonstop reading. And I've been just like she was, never stopping; I think I have four books going now! ENJOY IT!

deZengo Thank you so much for the comment. My very good friend is my oldest son : who actually is very close to my heart (not just because we happen to be related) but because he has, at times been my teacher as well.

I really am looking forward to diving in.

message 3: by Terry (new)

Terry My mother diedof breast cancer the year before my son was born. Before she died, she was my best friend, greatest critic because her thoughts were always tempered with an uplifting comment or forty ... then Morgan was born, and I named him after Mother .. Morgan GAYLE (her name). Knew they'd never meet but if giving him her name, perhaps he'd want to know more about her. He kinda hasn't much, but its odd how MUCH they are alike in being my 'best friends' and equally, oddly wonderful ... is that how much he, too, has been my teacher and even mentor about things in life. I honestly believe he and I have met in many preceeding lives, and that we are uniquely suited to each other, having played thru many different roles in each other's lives over the centuries. Once maybe he was my fahter, and I his sibling, or perhaps he was a great love oif my life, and vice vera. No matter what the relationships may have been,from moment one of his birth,I just KNEW we already knew each other. Amazing and wonderful, and even sometimes a bit scary! But a good kinda 'scare.' Love you,gal!

I'mn going thru ALL the genres on here,and simply cilcking books I'vce read (which a bazillons), adding moe of "waht to read" lists, and some are the MUST READ list and even a few on the DONT BOTHER READING! LOLOL

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