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I am having pizza smuggled in to me. I need something yummy to eat.
Jan 25, 2013 11:40PM

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Rach  *Feisty kitty* Ahh hospital food is crap! This may cheer you up sweetie. A cute man with a cute kitten :)

Not sure who I want to snuggle first hehehe.

Thinking of you sweetie xx

Awilk -never sleeps- I want a new kitten, but the kids aren't ready for that yet. Maybe I will have to have the cutie instead.

Rach  *Feisty kitty* Aww I know it takes a while after you loose a pet to get over it and be able to get another one :( I still haven't and I lost mine about 6 months ago now.

You are welcome to the cute man though :)

Awilk -never sleeps- Thanks sweetie. I wonder if I can keep him hidden from the nasty nurses who keep taking things off me and telling me I need to rest. I would be much happier if I had him to 'rest' with.

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Rach  *Feisty kitty* Ahhh I will do. Or you could always dress him up as a doctor then he can sneak in and you can do some role play lovely ;)

Awilk -never sleeps- That could be fun.

Rach  *Feisty kitty* I have wrapped him up under a spoiler just for you sweetie so you can sneak him past the nurses hehehe

(view spoiler)

Awilk -never sleeps- Thank you sweetie.

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Jill Thats a nice doctor! I bet you would be happy with his bedside manner Awilk!

Rach  *Feisty kitty* Like that is all you would be after him for Jill!!!

It's just me Shelly B Hope you enjoy your pizza:)

Awilk -never sleeps- I loved my pizza, I enjoyed having some company and now I am chatting with the nicest people I know. Having a good day.

Awilk -never sleeps- Jill wrote: "Thats a nice doctor! I bet you would be happy with his bedside manner Awilk!"

I have a nice doctor, but the nurses don't seem to like me. They keep trying to take my computer and kindle away from me.

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