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Christie Rich
Christie Rich is 33% done
What a fresh read! I'm loving this.
Aug 08, 2012 08:04AM
Blood Debt (Touched, #1)

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Nancy Yay Christie!!! Thrilled that you are enjoying it!!

Christie Rich Finished it!!! It was AMAZING!!! LOVED IT! I will try to get a review up today or tomorrow.

Nancy Wow, that was fast!! I'm sooooo glad you liked it! Tell me the truth, before you started reading it, were you thinking - "Centaurs? Nancy must be crazy!" LOL!

Christie Rich Yeah, I sort of did! Even now I have a problem thinking about a "herd", lol. It just sounds funny to me, but I will get used to it. You had me scared there for a while! I thought I might have to jump through the kindle and hunt you down ;) No, really, I was shopping when the big moment happened.

I was like no, wait a minute what is going on? NO!!!! She DID NOT DO THAT!!!! I even said something out loud (grins). So glad it didn't stay on that path.

I seriously love this series. If you need a beta, please pick me!!!

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