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Dear teeth,

Would you kindly fuck off with the whole, making my jaw feel like it's being hacked off with a saw sort of feeling? It kind of hurts.

Many thanks,
Jun 21, 2012 02:29AM

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message 1: by Sabina (new)

Sabina Oh no! Did you have the root canal yet? Hope the pain will ease over night for you. :(

Taneika (Flipping Through The Pages...) No, I got told I might need it if it keeps up like this so I think I might need one soon D:
Thankyou though, I had some painkillers so it's easing up a little bit haha. I'm going to see if I can find a dentist that does Saturdays haha :)

message 3: by Mari (new)

Mari Good Luck for your teeth!:D

message 4: by Sabina (new)

Sabina A root canal would feel a lot better then it does now. ;) I hope you can find someone for Saturday. :)

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