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Kristine Brancolini
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Jane Harris is a brilliant writer and Bessy has become one of my favorite fictional protagonists. She is heartbreaking and believeable. This book has been compared to The Fingersmith but reminds me more of an older book, The Dress Lodger by Sheri Holman.
Jun 01, 2012 07:56AM
The Observations

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Kristine Brancolini
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More has been revealed about Bessy's background and it's safe to say that her mother is one of the most despicable fictional characters I've encountered. The plot has also taken an interesting turn with regard to mental illness and its treatment in the 1860s.
Jun 02, 2012 08:08AM
The Observations

Kristine Brancolini
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So far I have not figured out what's going on. I'm loving Bessy, however, and can't wait to find out her true background and what will have to her at creepy Haivers Castle.
May 30, 2012 09:30PM
The Observations

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Bonnie Brody I loved The Dress Lodger. I'll have to look this book up. Bonnie

Kristine Brancolini I picked up The Observations because I loved Gillespie and I. It's very different, but also excellent. Because Gillespie and I employs an unreliable narrator, I'm beginning to wonder about Bessy! In addition to The Dress Lodger, The Observations reminds me of another outstanding book, Slammerkin.

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