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Where are my Eurovision buddies? I need someone to snark with!
May 26, 2012 12:15PM

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message 1: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie Im here im here!!! Sorry to have kept you waiting --boyfriend had the phone

message 2: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie I think russia and lithuania both have a good chance of winning.

message 3: by Kaia (new)

Kaia I love the Russian ladies. They're ancient, and they're totally having a blast. XD

message 4: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie Kaia wrote: "I love the Russian ladies. They're ancient, and they're totally having a blast. XD"

They are awesome. First time i saw them all i could think was 'WTF?!' but theyve won me over- its brilliant and the song is even catchy in a way. :)

message 5: by Kaia (new)

Kaia There were 10 songs written by Swedes this year. All of them made it into the finals.

message 6: by Kaia (new)

Kaia Is this Liv Tyler or Anne Hathaway?

message 7: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie Sorry but is it just me or was the cyprus girls viice a little odd to you too?? Like, strangely nasal and hoarse?

message 8: by Kaia (new)

Kaia Yeah. And the song is just so...typical sugar pop.

I thought France's song was a little meh, but her dress was amazing.

message 9: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie I love this (italian song)!!! Its like a prettier version of amy winehouse but song has a nice rythm to it:)

message 10: by Kaia (new)

Kaia I think it could grow on me with time. It's a little creepy though how much she's made an effort to look like Amy Winehouse.

message 11: by V (new)

V I'm here! But it's like a family party tonight and my phone is dying so I can't join in with you guys =(

message 12: by Kaia (new)

Kaia Sei wrote: "I'm here! But it's like a family party tonight and my phone is dying so I can't join in with you guys =("

Aw. :(

message 13: by Kaia (new)

Kaia (Husband here)


message 14: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie Looks like it'll just be you and me holding the fort kaia:) estonias song was boooring...., frances song was definately meh. I already forgot it. ??

message 15: by Kaia (new)

Kaia At least Norway is entertaining.

message 16: by MizzSandie (last edited May 26, 2012 01:01PM) (new)

MizzSandie I like the norway song. And the guy goodlooking. Too bad that he's probably gay.:/

Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews o.O really? I thought it was pretty bad... - a little ashamed to be Norwegian, even :D

message 18: by Kaia (new)

Kaia Linda wrote: "o.O really? I thought it was pretty bad... - a little ashamed to be Norwegian, even :D"

Well, it's pop. All pop is bad. But it's good pop, so it kinda...evens out? Okay, even I don't know where I was going with that.

message 19: by Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews (last edited May 26, 2012 01:02PM) (new)

Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookviews LOL Kaia... my husband and I just both thought that we knew that song already, it's like a mix of several other songs

ETA : we totally switched channels, so youladies enjoy!

message 20: by Kaia (new)

Kaia Yeah, it did sound a bit suspiciously familiar, didn't it?

Is it me, or does her dress look like the frosting on a cupcake? Possibly a Cakewrecks cupcake.

message 21: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie Linda wrote: "o.O really? I thought it was pretty bad... - a little ashamed to be Norwegian, even :D"

No need to be ashamed:) norway did fine:)
And i disagree- not ALL pop is bad. A lot of it is, but then a lot of it is also really good i think:) thereis definately good and bad pop. :)

message 22: by Kaia (new)

Kaia Well, I was mostly joking about all pop being bad. My most dominant gene is the smartass gene. ;)

message 23: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie Are they allowed to do that? Borrow parts from other songs? I thought the same about the swedish one? Thought id heard parts of it before??

message 24: by Kaia (new)

Kaia Sampling, as it's called, isn't unusual in music. But we (my husband and I) don't know the rules.

Honestly, some of it is so generic that I think some of the problem comes from that.

I don't remember Romania being that catchy during the semi-finals, though. Odd.

message 25: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie I liked the romanian song:)

Denmark now:)

message 26: by Kaia (new)

Kaia They also have a part of their song that sounds like something else I've heard somewhere.

message 27: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie Liked romania in semifinals too:)

Yeah i know that but i just thought it all had to be original. Some parts were more than familiar like strange up similar!

message 28: by Kaia (new)

Kaia Well, Sweden is coming on, and they stole a ton of dance imagery from Memoirs of a Geisha. Seems like it's not that against the rules to, ahem, borrow.

message 29: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie I like the swedish song:) very catchy. Could be a winner:) you should all be proud:)

message 30: by Kaia (new)

Kaia Well, yeah. Odds are pretty good, and man, they want it bad here.

Turkey! They're so very weird. It's kinda delightful. You know, so bad it's entertaining.

message 31: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie Yeah the turkish song is just... In a different ballpark. In a good way though:) this spaun woman- what was going on with her eyebrows? And her dress? I thought her umm assets were about to topple out any moment...

This german song and the guy: I Am In LOVE with both!!! Omg how hot is he?!?!? Gimme gimme now!

message 32: by MizzSandie (last edited May 26, 2012 01:37PM) (new)

MizzSandie You just stand still and let her leave and ill come to you sweetheart;) what a darling he is:) that smile just about killed me!

message 33: by Kaia (new)

Kaia I did say when I saw her dress that it looked like a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. That's all I really remember of the performance, though. It was a snoozefest.

message 34: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie Malta:no.

Macedonia: entertaining and great voice.not a winner or close too but a good entry:)

message 35: by Kaia (new)

Kaia Yeah, Malta...it could be entertaining, but the singer has no charisma.

We like Macedonia. I think it could be a bit of a dark horse. Don't think it'll win, but it could do pretty good, potentially.

message 36: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie Voted for: england, sweden, germany, lithuania, romania

message 37: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie I want to know more about the german guy... Ahhh the smile, they eyes, what a snack:)

message 38: by Kaia (new)

Kaia We voted for Russia, Iceland, Macedonia and Ireland.

We can't vote for Sweden, obviously.

message 39: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie Sweden is winning!! :) yey! Well deserved:) and denmark is in bottom- i am not surprised, not a strong song.

message 40: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie I am surprised that england and norway is in the bottom too though

message 41: by Kaia (new)

Kaia What I don't get is why Albania and Serbia are doing so well. I can't remember Serbia at all. I have no idea what their song even was.

I'm surprised Norway has done so poorly, too.

message 42: by Kaia (new)

Kaia Wow. Swedes have really bad taste in music. o.o

message 43: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie I am very surprised serbia is in top too, like you i dont remember it. And norway and england in bottom surprised me too.

CONGRATULATIONS on the win!! Its well deserved:)

message 44: by Kaia (new)

Kaia We're thinking about going to the show next year. If we can manage to save up the money for it.

message 45: by MizzSandie (new)

MizzSandie You should! It's going to be fun! :) But this probably wont be the last time you have the chance... Sweden has had quite a few wins overall, so this wont be the last :)

message 46: by Kaia (new)

Kaia Well, we're not planning on staying in Sweden forever. The climate does not agree with me. But I guess we'll just have to see.

Though if we do, we are so ordering a taxi way ahead of time (from wherever we're staying). Last time we went to a big event--an Eddie Izzard show--we almost didn't make it because the buses were full and the taxis were all taken. So don't want to do that again. :(

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