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Diana~ is 28% done
I find Hawk and Gwen's relationship to be quite hilarious! He always called her babe whenever she says something that he doesn't like, LOL.
May 17, 2012 05:13PM
Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1)

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Diana~ is 71% done
Hawk... why did you have to end things with Gwen?! I get the fact that you're scared something might happen to Gwen and she'll die.. BUT STILL.
May 23, 2012 04:11PM
Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1)

Diana~ is 50% done
May 20, 2012 01:41PM
Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1)

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Baba  ♥♥♥ Tyler, Marcus, Archer, Dean, Adrian, Dan & Hunter Glad you're enjoying it so far, Diana! :-)

KatLynne Hawk is one of my fave heroes Diana! Hope you love him too:)

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