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Brownbetty is 26% done
"Jump? You don't even crawl distantly within sight of a conclusion. I believe if you caught the cat with her head in the cream-jug you'd say it was conceivable that the jug was empty when she got there." "Well, it would be conceivable, wouldn't it?"
May 17, 2012 11:56AM
Whose Body?  (Lord Peter Wimsey, #1)


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Brownbetty is finished
I have the happy ability (or "ability") to more or less completely forget the solution to a murder mystery within several hours of finishing it.

And yet this time, I was fairly suspicious of Sir Julian Freke from the first chapter. He just seemed so pistol-on-the-mantelpiece-ish.
Jun 10, 2012 02:18PM
Whose Body?  (Lord Peter Wimsey, #1)

Brownbetty is 68% done
I may say that his views on women and the stage were such as I should have expected from a man who would smoke with your lordship's port. <3 Bunter
May 17, 2012 07:19PM
Whose Body?  (Lord Peter Wimsey, #1)

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