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AAIIGGHH!!!!! I must study I must study I must study. Today is it. I have class all day tomorrow, exam Sunday morning. And this damn book is CRYING out to me from the nightstand. AAIIIIGGGHH
May 04, 2012 08:52AM

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Julie is finished
And she's done.
May 05, 2012 07:22AM

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The greater the insomnia, the more pages I turn!
May 03, 2012 05:00AM

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Insomnia was welcome last night...
May 02, 2012 08:08AM

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I read "IT" 25 years ago, but I recognized Bev and Richie right off. SK, you are a wicked good storyteller.
Apr 30, 2012 08:37PM

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Jill STOP IT!!!! You're making me want to go out and get it NOW and with this work stuff and other books lined up, I can't! :)

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Suzanne Be strong, Julie! Back away from the novel, back away and ignore the crying, just for a couple of days. I know it's hard. And good luck on your exam!

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Cathleen Oh, how I've been there!

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