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Ginny is reading
where's the excitement??:(
Sep 14, 2009 01:49AM
The Time Traveler's Wife


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Ginny is reading
the more I read on,the more I wonder if it has anything to do with sci-fi genre!!
Sep 12, 2009 10:24AM
The Time Traveler's Wife

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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

You really thought this was sci-fi! I'm really sorry. It's only a romance.

message 2: by Mirela (new) - added it

Mirela Aww its not exciting? The movie trailers make it seem like it would be. But I thought you know it was a romance?

Ginny oh,yeah.I knew it's romance.but it's not exciting!nothing special can know how it ends from the beginning!
you know,the time traveling is awesome at first.but then it happens so much in the book that you begin to lose your least I did!

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Good thing I told you not to finish it :D

Ginny yeah,I think so!>.<

message 6: by Mirela (new) - added it

Mirela Aww I think that might book the book last on my to read list. I found plenty of books to look at yesterday thanks to random browsing and extra time.

message 7: by Ginny (last edited Sep 15, 2009 06:10AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Ginny Mirela wrote: "Aww I think that might book the book last on my to read list. I found plenty of books to look at yesterday thanks to random browsing and extra time."

wow.random browsing in Goodreads,you mean?or at the library?
by the way,I had a question!when a new book is published there,how long does it take for that book to come to a library so that you can get it?

message 8: by Mirela (new) - added it

Mirela I meant on Goodread. I dont like my school library they got rid of a good Media clerk and I havent forgiven them for that. Well it depends on the library most libraries will follow popular trends or suggestions from those who go to the library. For us usually the book is in as soon as it comes out.

Ginny Oh,I see!thanks for answering!:)
and ermm...something else!can anyone go in and read or study in you libraries??I mean is it necessary for everyone to sign up or register there?

message 10: by Mirela (new) - added it

Mirela No the only reason you would have to sign up is if you would like to use the computer. Since there is a limited number that the library can hold and some families dont have computer access at home tehy might go to the library and depending on how many people need the computer the compture will log you in for a certain amount of time. But other then that you are allowed to enter and leave without have to sign up to use it on a certain day. And that is true for school as well but there is one difference, the teachers might have signed up to use the computers on a certain day and you wouldnt be able to use them but other then that you can just go in there and work on the things you need to finish.

Wow sorry that was a long response but there were some loopholes I had to explain. I was wondering,do you have to sign up to use the libraries? I feel really wierdasking but it seems like we have a lot of differences it would be cool to learn what goes on in your country.... I feel like we are penpals.. :D

message 11: by Ginny (last edited Sep 16, 2009 07:07AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Ginny wow!thanks a lot for your complete answer!
yeah,I feel like that,either!:D

Oh,lucky you!it's great.but if you're not signed up,then how can you borrow books??I mean,don't you have a membership card or something?

unfortunately, we have to sign up.they're so strict for using libraries in here.and for good libraries,we've got to have a university degree like BA,MA or higher... to get signed up.
I was so lucky I could get a membership because my mother works in the area and they have some exceptions for their employees.
if we want to use the computers,we have to sign up again for that particular case!!funny,ain't it?almost everything in here is actually funny!!

message 12: by [deleted user] (last edited Sep 16, 2009 11:40AM) (new)

Aren't you misunderstanding each other? I mean, you don't mean "signing up", Ginny, you mean getting a membership, don't you? Sorry to bump in! But your discussion is interesting.

message 13: by Ginny (new) - rated it 1 star

Ginny Oh,really?!but I went through a lot to get my membership!!I think it was really signing up!!
like:filling out a form,introducing 2 well known guarantors,giving identification,giving 2 of our recent telephone bills and...
well,we sign up to be a member,don't we?!!(confused!)

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Well I live in your country, you know that! First thing is that I always thought that "signing up" outside the net meant getting a permit to do something once or twice or for any specific times. I don't know that for sure of course. And secondly, from your friend's answer it seemed to me that you were talking about two things.

message 15: by Ginny (new) - rated it 1 star

Ginny Oh,maybe.I don't know!should wait for her answer.

message 16: by Mirela (new) - added it

Mirela Umm well if its a public library then all you have to do is sign your name, phone number, address, maybe have like a parent that has that same address so they can verify it. Then your done with the public library.. But for school libraries if you are a student you can use it for free because when you register to go to that school you get library use without have to do any more registration.

Im sort of confused, now Im not sure we are all talking about the same thing.

message 17: by Ginny (new) - rated it 1 star

Ginny oh,thanks!that's what I wanted to we're talking about the same thing.:D
but what about borrowing books?how long can you keep a book??

sorry if I'm bothering you with all these questions!I can't help it!

message 18: by Mirela (new) - added it

Mirela Yay thats good :D. We can usually keep books up to three weeks. Unless we ask ahead of time for an extension then its a month. Its okay I dont mind I like answering questions.

message 19: by Ginny (new) - rated it 1 star

Ginny at last we have something in common!:D
it's also the same in here for borrowing books.
I'd love to see your library!it must be like an alive goodreads!isn't it?

message 20: by Mirela (new) - added it

Mirela It can be sometimes. I could take a picture of it on the inside and show you. Its pretty awesome I love it in there. I have three books I have to take in to re-check out again. Yay thats good! We had a couple things in common though. Our reading style is similar. Well it will be when I read half the books on my to read list. Or even if I can get to a quarter.

message 21: by Ginny (last edited Sep 18, 2009 05:59AM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Ginny wow!yes,do that if you can,please!I'd love to see it!
yeah,you're right about the reading style.but it's me who should read half of her to-read shelf to keep up with you!I love searching your's full of new books that I've never heard of and make me want to try all of them.:)

message 22: by Mirela (new) - added it

Mirela Okay, I have to go to the library on Tuesday and I will make sure that I take a picture of the inside shelves for you so you can see some of the sections. Its not about keeping up with it each other its about keeping up with ourselves. Thank you most of the new books are some that were recommended to me by a teacher from my AP Psychology class. Some of the other ones was me looking for something ne to read while I didnt have anything to do in my first hour. I had a half hour of browsing I think on Wednesday I forgot my book that day. :(

Wow i have gotten really wordy lately.

message 23: by Ginny (new) - rated it 1 star

Ginny wow!it's great!thanks sooo much!^^

yeah,I know what you mean!I want to finish my to-read list,but it's just growing larger and larger!:( so many books to read,so little time!

that's okay.being wordy I's good.:D

message 24: by Mirela (new) - added it

Mirela Its hard to not have your list grow. I mean the website is good and abd for browsing in one minute you can find so many books you have never even heard of but they sound so awesome. There is plenty of time you have your whole life. A book every two weeks could help make the list shorter.


message 25: by Ginny (new) - rated it 1 star

Ginny yeah,I hope I can make it.2 books each week is really good!^^

message 26: by Mirela (new) - added it

Mirela I hope I can make it some books take me longer then others. The books that I am reading right now are taking me forever. I keep finding more topics that I want to look into, its really difficult for me to not add books on my list.

message 27: by Ginny (new) - rated it 1 star

Ginny well then,good luck to both of us!^^

message 28: by Mirela (new) - added it

Mirela Thank you!! I have a cuople new books for the next couple weeks.

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