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For those of you who have read this, were you hooked on the series by this point? Cuz I'm not hooked yet :/
Apr 12, 2012 03:10PM
Succubus on Top (Georgina Kincaid, #2)


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I wonder if there's a connection between K and S
Apr 12, 2012 02:55PM
Succubus on Top (Georgina Kincaid, #2)

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Oh geez *cringe* really seeing the ful "fun" of a Succubus main character :/
Apr 12, 2012 02:32PM
Succubus on Top (Georgina Kincaid, #2)

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Apr 11, 2012 10:44PM
Succubus on Top (Georgina Kincaid, #2)

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Dhfan4life I've read it and definitely not hooked on it. I was getting into it about time all the drama hit the fan. I'm still waiting on my library to get in the last book so I can see how it all finally wraps up.

Aestas Book Blog at what point did all the drama hit the fan? cuz right now I just want to skim all the parts that don't involve Seth :S im getting bored

Dhfan4life Haha well they sort of start with Roman from the first book. But then the majority of the drama surrounds Georgina and Seth and their "relationship". Slight spoiler is that some cheating ensues, Seth winds up with a side character's sibling, a near wedding gets planned, Georgina starts cheating with Seth. And more secrets about her boss and even herself get revealed. So essentially books 3-4 have all that. I can't really recall much about book two right yet but I think that is where the second succubus comes in and tries to double cross Georgina but still wasn't all that interesting.

Aestas Book Blog ya I gave up on this series. I wasn't interested in the characters and I hate cheating... i wrote a review of why I stopped.. just so not my kind of story :S

Dhfan4life Don't blame ya. I'm only finishing it out as I've come this far with it and glad it is ending with this last book. But think I was mostly recommended it cause fellow readers are really big into Richelle Mead. This is my first read of her and if she writes all her series this way I think I'm going to pass her up altogether as I have never disliked a main character more than Georgina and even the set up of the world Mead created for these characters. Some good points but not that great.

Aestas Book Blog I never made the connection between this and VA for whatever reason... I shoulda paid more attention cuz it turns out I didn't like either series... I prefer more DH, BDB style writing/storylines

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