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Sep 09, 2009 02:59PM
Mouth To Mouth


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Tammy I'm so jealous you've started this one! I ordered my copy through PBS and it hasn't been shipped yet.

MelissaB Kindle!!! The joy of instant gratification - plus I read on my IPhone so I sneak in a lot of extra reading time.

Tammy I haven't tried reading on my iPhone yet, but I definitely take advantage of downloading audio books!

I should check out the Kindle. My request for this book on PBS was just deleted. Crap! I guess Shawna and Corrine's reviews had everyone scrambling for copies of this book. Too funny! Kindle would definitely be more convenient. =)

MelissaB If you have an IPhone you can download the Kindle App then buy Kindle books, you could try one book out and see if you like it. I had tried Stanza and didn't like it but the Kindle on IPhone looks good to my eyes. The App is free and you could download one of the free books to see if you don't mind the way the text looks. One trick is to turn down your brightness while reading.

Tammy Good to know. Thank you!

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