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Cheryl is finished
Aug 21, 2009 10:32PM
Free Falling (Damaged Heroes, #2)


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Cheryl is on page 188 of 302
Aug 21, 2009 05:12AM
Free Falling (Damaged Heroes, #2)

Cheryl is on page 143 of 302
Aug 20, 2009 08:37AM
Free Falling (Damaged Heroes, #2)

Cheryl is on page 16 of 302
started yesterday
Aug 19, 2009 02:51PM
Free Falling (Damaged Heroes, #2)

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message 1: by Sandy (new)

Sandy James Thanks so much for the review, Cheryl! I'm so glad you enjoyed the story! It was also very nice of you to point out that you don't have to read the whole series to enjoy the books. Each can stand alone. Please keep me posted on when you get a chance to read my other Damaged Heroes! I hope you enjoy them!

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