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DEFINITELY a faster and better dystopian read than The Selection.
Mar 04, 2012 03:00PM
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Angela So far, I'm really liking it too. Of course, it has a somewhat predictable plot b/c of the dystopian genre, but I like how it's framing things. (view spoiler)

I picked up the book just yesterday when my local indie bookseller pressed it into my hands and asked me to read it and give her feedback. The author is doing a visit at that bookstore on Wednesday evening, which coincidentally is one block off the Market Square in Knoxville location featured in the book! :)

Angela For me, even though a lot more could have been explained re: this world's set-up, the previous war(s), and how the government become totalitarian in such a short time, I don't even care...which is a very odd thing for me to say. Normally, I get caught up in faulty or limited world building and it draws me out of the story, but not so in this case! I think I can attribute that to the quick pacing, appealing romance, and my belief that things like this could happen if a very neo-conservative gov't had its way.

And yes, Ember does really dumb things, but there wouldn't be any drama without that, would there? ;)

I'll let you know how the book event goes. I may have to leave it early to get to a meeting, but I hope to make the most of my time there. The bookseller there *is* wonderful and just handed me the finished copy y'day to read and bring back! I love being trusted like that. :) B/c I've been buying my books from them for about three years now, I have a great relationship with one of the owners. She's how I get all of the YA ARCs that I read and swap -- they hand them off to me to read and then get back to them with purchasing recommendations. It's a win-win for both of us!

Angela @Sarah: Hope you saw my comment above from a few days ago. I just wanted to add that I attended the author event/signing with Kristen Simmons here in Knoxville last night, and she was a delight. She was extremely nice, humble, and approachable. Even if I only really liked, not loved, this book, I would definitely give her a five-star rating as an author and a person! :)

Angela I've been to about five or six author events now and all but one have been really nice. We attended the John Green tour event in Atlanta over MLK weekend, and it was super fun, but really chaotic and busy with ~900 people there. I definitely prefer the intimate setting like the one I attended with Kristen Simmons last week or the Maggie Stiefvater one in Nashville last year where she knew who I was when I introduced myself.

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