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Wendy Darling
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I think post-apocalyptic novels are almost always better than dystopian ones. Plus the use of the word "isthmus" is a bonus point in this book's favor.
Jan 13, 2012 04:09AM
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Wendy Darling
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Love. This. Book. I hate having to go socialize with people, all I want to do is finish this!
Jan 15, 2012 01:45PM
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Wendy Darling
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Dear Mr.Wells, you heard us crying because we had to wait until June for the last Newsflesh book, didn't you? Love, Wendy and Michelle
Jan 14, 2012 01:30AM
Partials (Partials Sequence, #1)

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message 1: by Jamie (new) - added it

Jamie I like a good isthmus, lol!

Wendy Darling Heh, Jamie. :)

I really like this so far, Sam! It's well-written and there's good world-building. Plus dead babies and viruses and severed limbs at the end of the world are always a good way to catch my attention. :D

YES! I was so excited about the Cynthia Hand interview. She dishes on some good stuff. :)

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