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Sam Atkinson
Sam Atkinson is on page 184 of 1328 of 1Q84
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1Q84 (1Q84, #1-3)
Miranda is on page 56 of 352 of Once We Were
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Once We Were (The Hybrid Chronicles, #2)
Mobile10 added a status update The significance of precious jewelry took an intriguing turn with the increase of costume fashion jewelry in the 1920s as well as 1930s.
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Snow is 10% done with Beautiful Broken Promises
ok, I was not in a mood for dealing with familiy issues but now I just wanna see where this goes...
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Beautiful Broken Promises (Broken, #3)
Annj is 10% done with Bossypants
I read this because I was lookiny for a light and easy read. There were lots of good reviews about this so I thought of giving it a try. However... I don't think I'll continue reading this. Got bored with the first 10%. Writing attempted to be funny but it's just not my kind of humor. Switched to a Bill Bryson travel book instead.
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Nala Gasull
Nala Gasull is on page 112 of 416 of Gone Girl
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Gone Girl
Hanadi is on page 149 of 480 of Kafka on the Shore
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Kafka on the Shore
Annikka K
Annikka K is on page 201 of 272 of Kirjoittamisen taide ja taito
Luettu Katja Keisalan artikkeli diskursiivisesta vallankäytöstä. Tällä tarkoitetaan sitä, miten puhumalla tuotetaan maailma, josta voi puhua niillä jaotteluilla joita on ja sitä, että havaitaan sitä, mitä on ennenkin havaittu ja tulkitaan se niin kuin on ennenkin tulkittu. Jutussa kirjoittaja analysoi kiinnostavasti Anja Snellmanin Parvekejumalia. Kiinnostavasti sen takia, että K.K. koettaa huomata omiakin rajoituksi
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Kirjoittamisen taide ja taito
Ashley is 25% done with The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
At least it's not so slow that my eyes droop.
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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Millennium, #1)
Kylie Ryan
Kylie Ryan is on page 379 of 896 of Outlander
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Outlander (Outlander, #1) is on page 38 of 304 of Ninety Percent of Everything
Wirklich interessant bisher!
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Ninety Percent of Everything: Inside Shipping, the Invisible Industry That Puts Clothes on Your Back, Gas in Your Car, and Food on Your Plate
Nervousjacket6226 added a status update Air Conditioning Work Opportunities are Extremely Hazardous
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Anne Dean
Anne Dean is 66% done with More Than Forever
I wanna slap Roxy so bad
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More Than Forever (More Than, #4)
Elin is 48% done with Ready Player One
no stop it wade what are you doing. i don't trust art3mis
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Ready Player One
Flawlesskismet720 added a status update As rubies swamped the market, the investors of the mines recognized they were making their very own investments useless.
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Kat is on page 160 of 272 of Every Seventh Wave
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Every Seventh Wave
Business22 added a status update For house use, may they not utilize a sculpted wooden box rather than ceramic jar to hold their fashion jewelry.
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Hanna is on page 150 of 400 of Er ist wieder da
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Er ist wieder da
Caroline is on page 27 of 326 of Kill You Twice
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Kill You Twice (Gretchen Lowell, #5)
Brianna is on page 105 of 280 of The DUFF
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The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend
Martien is on page 104 of 207 of Ueber das Haben
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Ueber das Haben
Bel is 10% done with Sixth Grave on the Edge
is yes/no question

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Sixth Grave on the Edge (Charley Davidson, #6)
Nicole Garner
Nicole Garner is on page 431 of 1093 of It
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Charlotte is on page 245 of 352 of Girl Online
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Girl Online (Girl Online, #1)
Vaguespeed3447 added a status update O Twitter está crescendo rapidamente, e quase é muito conhecido. Vamos ajudá-los, acabam por ser pescadores de peixes através da formação e, por essa razão, alterando suas vidas. Mas, o verdadeiro fator por que é sempre muito mais do que isso.
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Noells is on page 178 of 329 of Madame Bovary
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Madame Bovary
Cornelius is on page 30 of 366 of The Hobbit
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The Hobbit (Middle-Earth Universe)
Filthyartist3448 added a status update This is up there with the most fascinating video footages I have actually ever before stumbled upon. A terrific simple video recording about a hemorrhoidal inflammation cures. Shows superb ways and ways to conquer the illness. Takes advantage of several cartoons and images.
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Silvia Senande martínez
Silvia Senande martínez is on page 160 of 560 of Cartas a Palacio
"París es una ciudad que siempre ha estado volcada a la vida, la guerra es una circunstancia".
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Cartas a Palacio
Alain Aguilar
Alain Aguilar is on page 69 of 261 of The Art of Profiling
A very perplexing book. It makes you rethink how you read people. Fully intend to finish.
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The Art of Profiling: Reading People Right the First Time
Lizane is on page 288 of 496 of The Collector
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The Collector
Գոհար is on page 100 of 178 of Nausea
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