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Dave is 71% done with Fortress Frontier
Enjoying this a lot more than the first.
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Fortress Frontier (Shadow Ops, #2)
Natalie is on page 287 of 436 of Season of Storms
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Season of Storms
Rachel is on page 52 of 507 of Jane Eyre
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Jane Eyre
Gina is on page 238 of 429 of In the Woods
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In the Woods
Melanie is on page 4 of 307 of Ordinary Grace
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Ordinary Grace
Simera is on page 120 of 479 of Firefly Lane
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Firefly Lane (Firefly Lane, #1)
Tina is on page 189 of 369 of Me Before You
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Me Before You (Me Before You, #1)
Sarah is 29% done with Soulless
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Soulless (Parasol Protectorate, #1)
Barbara is on page 142 of 320 of Tangerine
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Cathy Cox
Cathy Cox is on page 165 of 896 of Outlander
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Outlander (Outlander, #1)
Angel is 7% done with A Love Untamed
Am I supposed to feel sympathetic toward Melisande, the cold hearted killer??!! I already don't like her .. So this another point added to the bile of reasons why I can't stand her ..
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A Love Untamed (Feral Warriors, #7)
Allie Williams
Allie Williams is on page 199 of 294 of Wings
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Wings (Wings, #1)
Barbara is on page 96 of 461 of Fire
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Fire (Graceling Realm, #2)
Brittany (The Book Addict's Guide)
Brittany (The Book Addict's Guide) is 30% done with 26 Kisses
The kiss thing is very tastefully done so far! It also feels super genuine from when I was in high school. Also loving the friendships!
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26 Kisses
Apriel is 51% done with A Game of Thrones
Finally! 1/2 way to the finish!
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A Game of Thrones (A Song of Ice and Fire, #1)
Esope is on page 280 of 471 of Une chance de trop
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Une chance de trop
Kelly B
Kelly B is on page 313 of 400 of The Magician King
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The Magician King (The Magicians #2)
Yamileth Perez
Yamileth Perez is on page 127 of 320 of Tangerine
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Melissa is on page 30 of Red Queen
I was getting into this book( a lot) until I realized that this book is like every other new young adult book out there right now and therefore I am in no such hurry to finish this book at the moment but I will finish it sooner or later.
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Red Queen (Red Queen, #1)
Alice is on page 275 of 824 of Winter
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Winter (The Lunar Chronicles, #4)
Minwa is on page 50 of 388 of All the Bright Places
It's just…blah. Its the same old YA contemporary story thats been told a million times before. Im sick of pixie dream girls & pretentious characters. I know some might say "just want until the end you're gonna cry!" Yeah I already know what happens. No one told me or anything but I mean come on, Violet's dream & the tagline? Yeah way too obvious.. However I will continue reading it cuz it might just be my mood
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All the Bright Places
♥ WishfulMiss ♥
♥ WishfulMiss ♥ is 59% done with The Nanny Trap
Geez, I forgot how full of angst these Harlequin novellas can be!
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The Nanny Trap
Erika Morales
Erika Morales is finished with Silence
My other favorite part of the book is that part where Oakley goes to Italy and takes risks. She goes diving underwater with the he fishes and sharks.
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Silence (Silence, #1)
Lucie is on page 81 of 352 of Hrdina nebo psanec
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Hrdina nebo psanec: Jak vytvořit jedinečnou značku pomocí síly archetypů
Alejandra is on page 200 of 320 of Fear of Falling
My favorite part of the story is when Kami opens up to Blaine. She finally tells him about her past. Like how she dated her boss in the past.
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Fear of Falling (Fearless, #1)
Cesar Lozoya
Cesar Lozoya is on page 199 of 384 of The Lost Planet
The book is getting more action packed. Chase is doing more impossible things and can't explain it. Mia is back and is fixed.
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The Lost Planet
Jason is on page 34 of 392 of The Hit
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The Hit (Will Robie, #2)
Yader is on page 132 of 320 of Tangerine
I liked the part where Erik just messed up the kick.
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Elodie Rt
Elodie Rt is on page 120 of 522 of Carry On
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Carry On
Brandi is on page 230 of 288 of Shadowmancer
I just want this to be over.
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Shadowmancer (Shadowmancer, #1)
Cynthia is on page 140 of 400 of "Vogue" Fashion
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"Vogue" Fashion
Santiago is on page 164 of 256 of El último deseo
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El último deseo (La saga de Geralt de Rivia, #1)
Mary is on page 202 of 288 of The Walking Dead
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The Walking Dead: The Fall of the Governor - Part Two (The Governor Series, #4)
Sara is on page 221 of 400 of Only Ever Yours
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Only Ever Yours
Christian is on page 70 of 254 of Sharp Objects
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Sharp Objects
Dana is on page 32 of 342 of World War Z
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World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War
Kimberley Hatch
Kimberley Hatch is on page 216 of Beautiful Burn
All the Maddox men in the same room makes me happy
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Beautiful Burn (The Maddox Brothers, #4)
Claudia is 10% done with Winging It
Not sure I really like the writing ... but let's see how it goes
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Winging It
W. Perry Hall
W. Perry Hall is on page 549 of 940 of Don Quixote
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Don Quixote
Farah Shamma
Farah Shamma is on page 109 of 352 of Mosquitoland
Really enjoying this so far!
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J.K. Overton
J.K. Overton is on page 8 of 228 of Why Not Me?
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Why Not Me?
Angela Loy
Angela Loy is on page 198 of 400 of Crash & Burn
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Crash & Burn (Tessa Leoni, #3)

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