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Dana is finished
yes, on my nook it was 956 pages this book was fabulous I originally downloaded the sample just to see if I would like it, it was more than I expected, I couldn't put it down, very descriptive characters, if you like werewolves, vampires and legends of history you will love this book, totally worth the price. I loved it
Jun 15, 2011 12:27PM Add a comment

Chris Topher
Chris Topher is on page 113 of 180
May 22, 2011 12:07PM Add a comment

Kim is finished
So, my ebook version says this book has 956 pages.... Weird. Anyhow, great book so far. Riveting, and the editing mistakes don't detract from the story (for me).
May 21, 2011 06:49PM Add a comment

Ben is on page 86 of 180
Apr 29, 2011 03:28PM Add a comment

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