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Nick Nicholas
Nick Nicholas is finished
I finished this book last night! What a story! Cael and Paige make one exciting and wonderful hero/heroine couple. An ancient vampire and half-blood vampire/druid priestess make a very powerful force! I very much would love to see a sequel to this tale! I can't wait to write my full review! Nadja was able to make a vampire novel that stood out in my opinion--I just love the little Fates and their power!
Jul 31, 2012 01:39PM Add a comment
The Third Fate

Nick Nicholas
Nick Nicholas is 29% done
Cael has discovered there is druid magic enchantments shield page from knowledge of her true self. Cael is concerned for her safety and is growing increasingly possessive of her. He wants her to drink of him when she goes through the Awakening, and only him. Yet in the council, the ancient vampires have felt the the presence of a new vampire approaching the awakening...the tension is building.....
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The Third Fate

Nick Nicholas
Nick Nicholas is 15% done
Cael Maccinnis is one hell of an ancient vampire. I love the way he pays nighttime visits to Paige. It's very sensual how he entrances her, suckling on her life blood, satisfying both the hunger of feeding and desire while she is still unaware of him being more than a dream. I am wondering how he begins to bring her into awareness of him in her conscious state. By then I bet she will become addicted to him.
Jun 10, 2012 12:30PM Add a comment
The Third Fate

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