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Johanna has completed her goal of reading 100 books for the 2011 Reading Challenge!

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Valerie ~ Val Hall ~ Almost done Johanna!

message 2: by Johanna (new)

Johanna Yeah! And I wish those books would all fit in the BDB Yearly Reading Challenge, but noooooooo... You are almost done with your 2011 Reading Challenge books, too. Right? And you have lots of them... ;)

Ezinwanyi~the Troublemaker   (Oh My Shelves) Good job Johanna...why can't they fit into the BDB reading challenge?
My problem is books starting with letters that I have already fulfilled. Or reading books from a series, like Lara Adrian or Nalini singh

Valerie ~ Val Hall ~ Same problem here...I added Brothers, but now I have at least 20 books to go because of that. It's starting to limit m'y reading options.

message 5: by Johanna (last edited Sep 07, 2011 07:45AM) (new)

Johanna All right. I added 10 more books to this challenge... I'm in a quite positive mood today, I guess. :)

Ezinwanyi wrote: "My problem is books starting with letters that I have already fulfilled."

I second that. That's exactly my problem, too. It's like... when you really try to find a book for example with Z it's almost possible to succeed, but now, when I don't need one (with Z) anymore, I've found four wonderful books that would have fit in that category!

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