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message 1: by Estara (last edited Jan 07, 2011 02:44PM) (new)

Estara Note: I need to remember to not give DNF books a date when I stopped reading the book, otherwise it'll still show up in this list.

message 2: by Estara (new)

Estara Actually there are about 25 books I haven't entered yet, manga and the Kylie Chan re-read, so actually I've reached my goal already.

message 3: by Estara (new)

Estara Even without the 25 books not entered yet, today I've reached the original goal of 200 books. Yay!

message 4: by Sho (new)

Sho Congrats!!omedeto So going for 250? now you are making me want to challenge you lol"

message 5: by Estara (new)

Estara Heeee ^^! Go ahead!

message 6: by Estara (new)

Estara Okay I got around adding some more backlist of read books, but I still haven't entered the six Kylie Chan and two more manga. I don't think I'll manage 300 but I should get quite a bit beyond 250 still. I find this very heartening after my eye troubles in 2008 - but I do wonder how many books I managed to read in my student days... because I KNOW I don't have as much time and am not reading as much as I used to...

message 7: by Sho (new)

Sho Same here. I used to read three books a day during my junior high school days. I borrowed three books from the school library religiously for three years. When I graduated the librarian knowing that I borrowed the Lord of the Rings more times than to count, gave me the worned out but very nice red cloth bound hard cover books, since the school had two copies of each. I think I also added tons of fantasies and scifi to my school library, for example Dark is rising and Dune.

message 8: by Estara (new)

Estara How great ^^ - we didn't have a good selection at the school library, but the local church library was pretty great in the way of fairy-tales and adventures and romances and horse stories.

My science fiction and fantasy really got going when I started reading in the English original.

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