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message 1: by Arjun (new)

Arjun Wow 88 Books already :)

message 2: by nico (new)

nico I knowwww I read too fast. I have to learn to slow down and take my time, but if I'm really interested in the book I speed through it. >.<

message 3: by Arjun (new)

Arjun Nahhh no need of slowing down when you have so many books available :). I probably will have to reset my challenge because i am not getting enough time =[

message 4: by Arjun (new)

Arjun 4 more to go xD

message 5: by nico (new)

nico I knowww I'm trying not to read so fast. xD

message 6: by Zahra (new)

Zahra HD nico, why do you read so fast?! :0

message 7: by nico (new)

nico I'm not sure really, I just always have. xD

message 8: by Arjun (new)

Arjun you should have made it 150 :D

message 9: by nico (new)

nico I honestly thought about doing that lol

message 10: by Arjun (new)

Arjun come on, you can do it. I wish i had time and i have decided to drop mine to 50 :(

message 11: by nico (new)

nico I probably could.. I mean if it took me six months to read 100,...I could probably raise it to 200, but I just want to make sure I have the time.. you know?

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