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message 1: by Arpit (new)

Arpit Sood Unrealistic Goal...!!

message 2: by Arpit (new)

Arpit Sood U hav not read a single book and now suddenly u vil read 75... Cool... hats off to u....!!

message 3: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine You know what even if it is unrealistic and perhaps for a normal person irrational, I am not normal. I am doing self-improving project where I'm trying to read 100 books in 200 days. But even if I fail, which is a possibility, I will have read a good number of books. That is my real goal, to read and improve myself with what I learn and take away. So in the end I don't care if you think I will fail or not because I am not going up against you, I am going against myself.

message 4: by Arpit (new)

Arpit Sood Hey I never said that there is a competition here...Just thought that the goal seems difficult..Well the thing about self-improving books is that one cannot read it like a fiction story at one go.. As one reads, introspection is required to apply the points mentioned in the book.. So it takes time to absorb the finer points...so this may take time I guess.. Nyways if ur able to do this then its a commendable job..All the best from my side...!!

message 5: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine Sorry I got really defensive there for a moment! And I'm not reading self-improvement books, that really would take forever! I'm reading fiction ones that will hopefully teach me something!

message 6: by Arpit (new)

Arpit Sood Oh .. Its ok.. No problem..Good that you will read so much fiction ..Nice ..!!..Hey one I gave my first comment on ur challenge..my aim was not to attack or criticize you at all..Just gave my opinion.. Nyways.. Keep reading.. So what kind of fiction books you read?

message 7: by Jasmine (new)

Jasmine For the most part I read action/adventure, emotional (depression, illness, death), and what I call summer books, which could be labeled as chick books but they often have a male protagonist so I say summer. They are often more of a light read. How about you?

message 8: by Arpit (new)

Arpit Sood Ok thats nice to know..!! Well i read a lot of fiction, autobiographies, self help book and also books on spirituality...

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