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message 1: by Chuck (new)

Chuck Williamson I'm so proud of you!

message 2: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Dreaming big!

message 3: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Louis I think you're on the right track. Aim low and ALWAYS be pleasantly surprised when you exceed expectations.

message 4: by Jacob (new)

Jacob More like "IF" I exceed expectations...

I wasn't originally even going to put a number, but I saw all of Proust counts as one book and I thought that was funny. So two might not be too far off.

message 5: by Chuck (new)

Chuck Williamson Congratulations!

message 6: by Jacob (new)

Jacob Thanks! I couldn't have done it without your support!

message 7: by Ryan (new)

Ryan Louis You have a 600% finish rate! That last time I had a 600% anything was my Blockbuster fee rate in proportion to the worth of the freaking DvD I borrowed. So...thanks...for bringing that memory back.

message 8: by Jacob (new)

Jacob You're welcome! And buckle up because it's only going higher!

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