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Under normal circumstances, you inviting me to the bedroom would be the highlight of my day.Richelle Mead
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Let us find the dam snack bar," Zoe said. "We should eat while we can."
Grover cracked a smile. "The dam snack bar?"
Zoe blinked. "Yes. What is funny?"
"Nothing," Grover said, trying to keep a straight face. "I could use some dam french fries."
Even Thalia smiled at that. "And I need to use the dam restroom."
I started cracking up, and Thalia and Grover joined in, while Zoe just looked at me. "I do not understand."
"I want to use the dam water fountain," Grover said.
"And..." Thalia tried to catch her breath. "I want to buy a dam t-shirt.
Rick Riordan
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Richelle Mead
“I'm telling you, I wanted to. But I was trapped. You of all people should know what it's like being caught between groups”
Richelle Mead, The Golden Lily

Richelle Mead
“We need to get inside. I think my hair gel’s frozen.”
Richelle Mead, The Indigo Spell

Richelle Mead
“Adrian looked away from me and down to where my hand covered his. I blushed and pulled away. “Sorry” I’d probably freaked him out”
Richelle Mead

Richelle Mead
“Adrian's face was the picture of perfect politeness and restraint, meaning something disastrous was about to happen.”
Richelle Mead, The Indigo Spell

Richelle Mead
“But listen to me when I say this. You are an exceptional, talented, and brilliant young woman. Do not ever let anyone make you feel invisible. Do not let anyone - not even a teacher who constantly sends you for coffee - push you around.”
Richelle Mead, Bloodlines

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