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02 December, 1936


Gletkin was late. Alain took another sip of his coffee and did his best to control the impatience that was beginning to knot into his stomach. Gletkin was never late. He…


Alain looked up. The waiter stood..." Read more of this chapter »
November 30, 1936

Ian watched the bits of Eddie’s Chato flutter and twist their way down towards the river below. Despite his best efforts, no sign of a parachute could be seen. Inexplicably, Ian heard a whisper behind him, Look back… As Ian turn..." Read more of this chapter »
November 30, 1936

Leutnant Adler was distracted. It had been three weeks since he’d left East Elbia, and still no letter had come. He had been certain that the letter posted from Seville would at least pique her interest. To be sure, his mother..." Read more of this chapter »
Winter, 1936

Nov. 1, 1936
What is written in these pages I suppose will someday be read by others than myself. For this reason I cannot hope to be absolutely honest in what is herein recorded. I do this at the suggestion of Frank Tinker, whose r..." Read more of this chapter »
October, 1936

“Senor?” Ian gently asked. The only response was a particularly loud snore. Ian cleared his throat loudly, but in vain. The stationmaster’s snoring continued. Ian looked back at Eddie and shrugged. Ian began looking for a way aroun..." Read more of this chapter »
October, 1936

The chandeliers jangled again. Every few seconds, the four chandeliers in the ballroom would shake and create a rather somber jangling. The palace in Madrid had been taken over by the junta in charge of the city’s defense and Alain..." Read more of this chapter »
Paris, France
October, 1936

Alphonse peered over his handgun into the room with wild eyes that softened upon recognizing Alain. “Oh, sorry Rubashov.” Eddie’s eyes widened. “I thought I ought to put on a show if you weren’t here.”

Alain / Rubashov sm..." Read more of this chapter »
Paris, France
October 1936

Ian stumbled into the fading sunlight. In his haste to leave the scene of his uncomfortable interview, he turned into the avenue that most quickly promised to leave the sight of the police building. His steps were hurrie..." Read more of this chapter »
October, 1936
Paris, France

For the third time, Ian got up from the chair and began to pace. The room in which he was confined was exactly seven paces wide by five paces long. The room’s only occupants were Ian, a table and two chairs. The furni..." Read more of this chapter »
October, 1936

Ian stepped off the train carriage and surveyed the bustling crowds pushing towards the Gare du Nord. So much had changed in the last three weeks. He unconsciously reached up and felt the stitches over his right eye. Alain had assu..." Read more of this chapter »
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