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Fifty Shades of Grey
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by E.L. James (Goodreads Author)
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The White Boy Shuffle by Paul Beatty
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Jalyssa Elliott is currently reading
Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
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A Bright Red Scream by Marilee Strong
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"Quietly wrapped in decietful brashness I can find you hiding. Lying away and smitten by the daily twists and turns of what we call life. We forget that the same unheaval can exist in dreams and seek them in waking life. Only to fall. Egg on our fa..." Read more of this chapter »
Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
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Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
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Elizabeth Wurtzel
“I can’t quite shake this feeling that we live in a world gone wrong, that there are all these feelings you’re not supposed to have because there’s no reason to anymore. But still they’re there, stuck somewhere, a flaw that evolution hasn’t managed to eliminate yet. I want so badly to feel bad about getting pregnant. But I can’t, don’t dare to. Just like I didn’t dare tell Jack that I was falling in love with him, wanting to be a modern woman who’s supposed to be able to handle the casual nature of these kinds of relationships. I’m never supposed to say, to Jack or anyone else, ‘What makes you think I’m so rich that you can steal my heart and it won’t mean a thing?’ Sometimes I think that I was forced to withdraw into depression, because it was the only rightful protest I could throw in the face of a world that said it was all right for people to come and go as they please, that there were simply no real obligations left. Deceit and treachery in both romantic and political relationships is nothing new, but at one time, it was bad, callous, and cold to hurt somebody. Now it’s just the way things go, part of the growth process. Really nothing is surprising. After a while, meaning and implication detach themselves from everything. If one can be a father and assume no obligations, it follows that one can be a boyfriend and do nothing at all. Pretty soon you can add friend, acquaintance, co-worker, and just about anyone else to the long list of people who seem to be part of your life, though there is no code of conduct that they must adhere to. Pretty soon, it seems unreasonable to be bothered or outraged by much of anything because, well, what did you expect?”
Elizabeth Wurtzel, Prozac Nation

Ellen Hopkins
“Have you ever had so much to say that your mouth closed up tight struggling to harness the nuclear force coalescing within your words? Have you ever had so many thoughts churning inside you that you didn’t dare let them escape in case they blew you wide open? Have you ever been so angry that you couldn’t look in the mirror for fear of finding the face of evil glaring back at you?”
Ellen Hopkins, Crank

Trial and Error Under the Weight of Truth (Poetry)
1 chapters   —   updated Jun 17, 2012 02:36AM
Description: Just some stream of consciousness writing. Nothing big or fancy...
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