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Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
Sharp Objects
by Gillian Flynn (Goodreads Author)
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I just finished reading this like a minute ago... And I have no words.
I am completely stumped by the ending.
It's so dark, disturbing, and twisted.
I love it.
I love this book and the way Gillian Flynn wrote it. She is definitly my new favorite author.
""Words cannot describe how deceitful, ignorant, and immature you two are! Not only will you be arrested for underage drinking and vandalism of my campus, but I will make sure your face is never seen on ANY campus, EVER." Mr. Atherton screamed, pou..." Read more of this chapter »
"Mini and I raced out of the building. I'm pretty sure not attending class on my first day of college wasn't exactly heeling whatsoever, but I don't have anything to lose.
She lead me to the brick wall where she hid her secret hole behind the bushe..." Read more of this chapter »
""So I said to him..." I slurred, my eyes half open. "I'm done... I-I-I mean... come... on... like.... what the heck dude?.....It was sooo... so... so...." A hiccup interrupted me. "Sad...."
Mini looked like she was about to laugh. "Alright, Evy it..." Read more of this chapter »
"The campus is big, filled with crowds on 18 and 19 year olds, along with scooters and golf carts.
"I think you are going to fit right in, Evelyn." My mom smiled.
I looked over to my dad, who looked happy, yet disappointed. "Dad?"
"Yes, Evelyn?"
"Don..." Read more of this chapter »
"Tami wrote: "I am not sure. I doubt she picks either in this book, but she may lean towards one. I think most of us would be choosing Peeta because we...more "
"duh harry and katniss bella doesn't know how to fight, regardless if she is a vampire or not "
""I still don't understand." My mom said, looking up at me from her flaming chicken on the stove.
I sat on the bar stool and smiled. "We just realized we should separate. Meet new people. I mean I'm only 18."
"I know.. but you two... you had a GREAT..." Read more of this chapter »
"I ran around the large brick castle; kicking down doors and looking through windows; but no Jonna.
Where could she be?

Then I heard it.


I started panicking and hyperventilating. "Rome!" I looked around me. "ROME!"
The voice was coming..." Read more of this chapter »
"cliche "
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