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In the Image of Orpheus by Daniel Joseph Polikoff
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Science And The Open Society by Mark Amadeus Notturno
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My first clear contact with Karl Popper's thought was via Bryan Magee’s “Popper” in the early 1980’s. Before discovering Popper my encounters with Schopenhauer’s “World as Will and Representation” and the writings of Carl Jung were significant.

Corroborations and Criticisms. Forays with the Philosophy of ... by Ivor Grattan-Guinness
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I enjoyed reading Ivor Grattan-Guinness's "Corroborations and Criticisms: Forays with the Philosophy of Karl Popper". Grattan-Guinness was 25 in 1966 when he took an MSc (Econ) in Mathematical Logic and the Philosophy of Science at the London School ...more
Philosophy and the Real World by Bryan Magee
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This book was my introduction to Karl Popper. Bryan Magee was his friend and worthy interlocutor. I have enjoyed everything I have read of both Bryan Magee and Karl Popper.

In this "review" I am going to do something unusual and append a wonderful es
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Popper by Bryan Magee
" Thanks for your comment Antonio. Bryan Magee's book is a very good start. There are a number of Kindle books on Popper e.g. Rafe Champion's "Reason an ...more "
The Glass Bead Game by Hermann Hesse
" A Compromise

The men of principled simplicity
Will have no traffic with our subtle doubt.
The world is flat, they tell us, and they shout:
The myth of dep
...more "
The Climate Caper by Garth W. Paltridge
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Unfathomed Knowledge, Unmeasured Wealth by W.W. Bartley III
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Quantum Theory and the Schism in Physics by Karl Popper
"Quantum Theory and the Schism in Physics: From The Postscript to the Logic of Scientific Discovery by Karl Popper (1992)"
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“Renunciation, The Natural Daughter demonstrates, is the act of those who believe that their happiness is dependent on a power beyond their control which happens at a particular time, and for reasons which they cannot penetrate, not to permit them fulfilment, and this is the fundamental reason for Goethe's imperviousness to philosophies of history which do not acknowledge either the inscrutability of fate or the contingency of circumstance.

The image of perfect beauty for Goethe is permanently recoverable, provided only that fate and circumstances are favourable, for they are the powers that direct the real world, in which alone fulfilment is worth having.

Renunciation is the silence that acknowledges the absence from reality of the Ideal, and it may be interrupted only by the poem that celebrates the epiphany for which even the hope may not be uttered.

Conversely, poems, being all of them occasional poems, and expressing delight in a glimpse of beauty recovered, thanks to favourable circumstances, are an emblem, or 'talisman', of a 'counter÷magic which works against the hostility of fate.

Bitter though the disappointments of life may be for a noble nature, a poem expresses the miracle of a moment in which the Ideal enters reality once more and the powers that rule the world take on, however fleetingly, the constellation they had in paradise. In the poems he has still to write, Goethe can hope to glimpse again what he has renounced and take once more the road to Italy.”
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