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Fate Undone by Linsey Hall
" It's what I do :) "
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Singer of Death by Shona Husk
" I was glad to see they made it but a few more lines might have been nice :) "
Dying to Date by Victoria Davies
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This was a fun romp at heart but overall it spent a lot of time in serious situations. Melissa and Tarian are pretty much a mismatch but they have good chemistry but not much else and things start to go to pieces before they have a chance to really g ...more
Singer of Death by Shona Husk
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I seem to be starting a lot of these reviews lately with some confusion. This is one of them, I have loved the overall storyline, I have loved the back story but this particular story was not as good as some of the others I felt.

It seemed overly lon
The Tenth Life of Vicki Torres by Shona Husk
"Set in the human part of the Anwyn world, the decline of the old Fae King is causing problems in the human world. I liked this but it was really short and felt very to be continued -in year and a day-to-day supposedly this pair will appear in a fu..." Read more of this review »
Smoke on the Water by Lori Handeland
" I think she was putting too much effort in making each of the books almost a stand alone which lead to the way this last book was written. "
Smoke on the Water by Lori Handeland
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This was the final book of the Sisters of the Craft trilogy and I really enjoyed it but even at around 350 pages it was a lot to cram into this final book. At times it seemed to drag and then it would take off a bit. Add to this the fact that this bo ...more
Smoke on the Water by Lori Handeland
"3.5 stars - I liked it. Smoke on the Water wraps up the Sisters of the Craft trilogy, but with so much to do to introduce the final sister, reunite her with her siblings and significant others, and battle the big bad witch Hunter cult that had cau..." Read more of this review »
Heat of the Moment by Lori Handeland
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This second book in the Sisters of the Craft trilogy was better in some ways than book 1 (In The Air Tonight) and worse in others but it was still a great story and I was dying to get back to it anytime I had to put it down to take care of some real ...more
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Kresley Cole
“Have you ever fought an opponent you had no defense against? Like a fire breather or an acid spitter?"
"Once I faced a female with diamond skin," Nix said breathlessly. "I was transfixed - even as she was choking the life out of me."
"No, I saw that character on X-Men. I just wanted to commiserate. Alas, I have no weaknesses.”
Kresley Cole, Pleasure of a Dark Prince

Faith Hunter
“My brother has absolutely no sense of self-preservation or survival instinct,” Eli said. “He has no idea we’re out here. We could be silver-eating, flesh-regenerating, vampire zombies, and when we busted through the door to eat his brilliant brain, he’d look up and say, ‘Huh?”
Faith Hunter, Blood Trade

Ilona Andrews
“Yes. What is it, guilt, revenge, love, what?”
I swallowed. “I live alone.”
"And your point is?”
"You have the Pack. You’re surrounded by people who would fall over themselves for the pleasure of your company. I have no one. My parents are dead, my entire family is gone. I have no friends. Except Jim, and that’s more of a working relationship than anything else. I have no lover. I can’t even have a pet, because I’m not at the house often enough to keep it from starving. When I come crawling home, bleeding and filthy and exhausted, the house is dark and empty. Nobody keeps the porch light on for me. Nobody hugs me and says, ‘Hey, I’m glad you made it. I’m glad you’re okay. I was worried.’ Nobody cares if I live or die. Nobody makes me coffee, nobody holds me before I go to bed, nobody fixes my medicine when I’m sick. I’m by myself.”
Ilona Andrews, Magic Burns

C.E. Murphy
“You went back in time,” he repeated, “and you expect his cell phone to work?”
“Well, no, I just, I mean, I came back and he hasn’t! Shouldn’t he have?”
Morrison, very steadily, said, “Were you together?”
“No! I just said he went to fight the Morrigan!”
“I see.” There was a pause. “The man is seventy-four years old, Joanie. He can take care of himself. If you were,” a great and patient pause filled the line before he went on, “time traveling. If you were time traveling and got separated, then I can’t think of any reason he would necessarily come back to the present at the same time you did.”
“Except I was the focal point, it was my fault, it --!”
“Joanne. Siobhan. Siobhan Grainne MacNamarra Walkingstick.”
I didn’t think anybody had ever said my name like that before. I gulped down a hysterical sob and whispered, “Yeah?”
Morrison, with gentle emphasis, said, “I love you. Now pull yourself together and go find the bad guy,” and hung up.”
C.E. Murphy, Raven Calls

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