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Quiet Creature on the Corner by João Gilberto Noll
"I received a review copy of this title from the publisher.

The first reaction that I had to the writing style and narrative of this book is that it feels like a series of flash fiction stories. When we first meet the narrator he lives in Porto Aleg..." Read more of this review »
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Potted Meat by Steven Dunn
"Potted Meat‘s author Steven Dunn is a recurring visitor to the monthly FBomb flash fiction series at the Mercury Cafe, on occasion serving as host, and the incomparable nature of his first offering may stand as testament to the excellence of the F..." Read more of this review »
Floating Like the Dead by Yasuko Thanh
"These 8 exquisitely written stories are each of them more like novellas so full and rich with detailed nuances and intense glimpses into lives on the edge of extreme, entrapped by their own conditions, 'belonging to no one but calling everywhere h..." Read more of this review »
The Inconvenient Indian by Thomas King
"Thomas King is a master Storyteller with a comforting sense of humour and an amazing wife.
In this carefully documented account he offers the reader his generous guidance through treacherous territory, especially if the reader is unfamiliar with t..." Read more of this review »
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The Seed Collectors by Scarlett Thomas
The Seed Collectors
by Scarlett Thomas (Goodreads Author)
read in May, 2016
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a book of manners and soap operaish shenanigans of richish uk folks, smart, but dumb folks, swirling around the idea of enlightenment and nirvana, but the twist is the extended family has found a short cut to nirvana (but deadly short cut too) so alo ...more
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The Dressmaker's War by Mary Chamberlain
The Dressmaker's War
by Mary Chamberlain (Goodreads Author)
read in May, 2016
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This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.
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Blood of the Oak by Eliot Pattison
Blood of the Oak (Duncan McCallum, #4)
by Eliot Pattison (Goodreads Author)
read in May, 2016
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set in 1760's british colonies of north america, ny, penn, vir, imagines the intrigues behind the new tax that helped unite colonists to question king and rule of home country. based on true stories, has lots about womens roles, indians, slaves, inde ...more
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Postcards from Stanland by David H. Mould
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All one wants to know about a few of the stans, from history to Present day. Author has lived and work there for many years
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Winter by Christopher  Nicholson
by Christopher Nicholson (Goodreads Author)
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Nice atmospheric novel of Thomas hardy at home in his old old age and his collaboration, synergy, and dalliance? With the very young actor who plays the woman lead in the new hardy play . Fun, if dark and sad read.
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Hiking North Carolina, 2nd by Randy Johnson
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series from falcon guides. author randy johnson has spent his life promoting, building walking trails and snow sports in south usa. these approximately 50 trail area highlights (really probably 150 specific trails listed and described) are for ranges ...more
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Lidia Yuknavitch
“Out of the sad sack of sad shit that was my life, I made a wordhouse.”
Lidia Yuknavitch, The Chronology of Water

“If the radical right had its way we’d all be church-going polyester heterosexuals driving around in white Cadillacs eating meatloaf and wax beans while mammoth bulldozers leveled all our forests and even hummingbirds were extinct.”

Charley, The Voice of the Butterfly”
John Nichols

Carl Safina
“Ethics that focus on human interactions, morals that focus on humanity's relationship to a Creator, fall short of these things we've learned. They fail to encompass the big take-home message, so far, of a century and a half of biology and ecology: life is- more than anything else- a process; it creates, and depends on, relationships among energy, land, water, air, time and various living things. It's not just about human-to-human interaction; it's not just about spiritual interaction. It's about all interaction. We're bound with the rest of life in a network, a network including not just all living things but the energy and nonliving matter that flows through the living, making and keeping all of us alive as we make it alive. We can keep debating ideologies and sending entreaties toward heaven. But unless we embrace the fuller reality we're in- and reality's implications- we'll face big problems.”
Carl Safina, The View from Lazy Point: A Natural Year in an Unnatural World

James Crumley
“Son, never trust a man who doesn’t drink because he’s probably a self-righteous sort, a man who thinks he knows right from wrong all the time. Some of them are good men, but in the name of goodness, they cause most of the suffering in the world. They’re the judges, the meddlers. And, son, never trust a man who drinks but refuses to get drunk. They’re usually afraid of something deep down inside, either that they’re a coward or a fool or mean and violent. You can’t trust a man who’s afraid of himself. But sometimes, son, you can trust a man who occasionally kneels before a toilet. The chances are that he is learning something about humility and his natural human foolishness, about how to survive himself. It’s damned hard for a man to take himself too seriously when he’s heaving his guts into a dirty toilet bowl.”
James Crumley

Carolina De Robertis
“She was awake, alive, full of ideas like branches in a greenhouse, growing thick and rife against the glass.”
Carolina De Robertis, The Invisible Mountain

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