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Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark by Alvin Schwartz
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"*walking out of the cinema*

'mm..' harry said. 'You gonna need someone to cuddle up to tonight after watching that film then babe?' he winked.
'Oh please Harry, you were hiding more than I was!' I teased.
'Hey' he smiled then kissed me.
'Honestly, tha..." Read more of this chapter »
"Stacy and I shared the big mirror in my room, fixing our hair, helping eachother with our Eyeliner,
We didn't know where the boys were, but we could here Zayn and Kaitlyn coming in the front door.
"Kaitlyn? Im Borrowing your top, Okay?" Stacy shout..." Read more of this chapter »
"[The next morning.]
Okay, So Im not going to go into all the Detail. But Last night? IT WAS AMAZING!!
Harry was so good! Like.. MORE THAN GOOD!
I Don't know how to describe it, but even thinking about it makes me smile!
Ahh, he's was.. oh god, i can't..." Read more of this chapter »
Harrys P.O.V.
'C'mon liam! It's not a hard question! Just answer already!' I replied.
'I know it's not a hard question! But C'mon harry, I thought you might've already known what to do.'
he said.
'O..." Read more of this chapter »
"Alices P.O.V.
At this point, we were just sitting in the car, he'd stopped driving, we just sat there, on the side of the country road.
On the outside my face was poker straight.
I just acted casual.
But on the inside, I was giggling and blushing an..." Read more of this chapter »
"Alice's P.O.V.

When i saw the excitment on liams face as he waited for my answer, i didn't want to turn him down.
"Liam.. im not sure.." I said.
"Goo oonn!!" he dragged his sentence on.
"Pleaseeeee?" He did it again..
Stop doing that! Its weird.
Liam,..." Read more of this chapter »
Me, Harry, zayn, kaitlyn, niall, courtney, rachel and liam stood outside the bungalow waiting on Stacy and Louis.
They had better hurry up, i thought to myself. I wanted to get inside to claim my room !
Stacy and Louis pulled up in a taxi and jumped..." Read more of this chapter »
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