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Amber entered a giveaway
I Know What I'm Doing and Other Lies I Tell Myself by Jen Kirkman
Amber entered a giveaway
I Know What I'm Doing and Other Lies I Tell Myself by Jen Kirkman
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Art and Fear by David Bayles
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The Paradox of Choice by Barry Schwartz
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Strange Rebels by Christian Caryl
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Henry & Glenn Forever & Ever by Tom Neely
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I'm puzzled by some of these reviews. I think a lot of people impose their own expectations of comics onto Neely, when it's obvious he makes his own rules.

I'm a rock n roll nerd and I loved this book. It had me laughing until I was crying. The refer
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Henry Miller
“What is a fanatic? One who believes passionately and acts desperately upon what he believes. I was always believing in something and so getting into trouble. The more my hands were slapped the more firmly I believed. I believed- and the rest of the world did not! If it were only a question of enduring punishment one could go on believing till the end; but the way of the world is more insidious than that. Instead of being punished you are undermined, hollowed out, the ground taken from under your feet. It isn't even treachery, what I have in mind. Treachery is understandable and combatable. No, it is something worse, something less than treachery. It's a negativism that causes you to overreach yourself. you are perpetually spending your energy in the act of balancing yourself. You are seized with a sort of spiritual vertigo, you totter on the brink, your hair stands on end, you can't believe that beneath your feet lies an immeasurable abyss. It comes about through excess of enthusiasm, through a passionate desire to embrace people, to show them your love. The more you reach out toward the world the more the world retreats. Nobody wants real love, real hatred. Nobody wants you to put your hand in his sacred entrails- that's only for the priest in the hour of sacrifice. While you live, while the blood's still warm, you are to pretend that there is no such thing as blood and no such thing as a skeleton beneath the covering of flesh. "Keep off the grass!" That's the motto by which people live.”
Henry Miller, Tropic of Capricorn

Lisa Crystal Carver
“Anything well done has the feeling of death to me, of being finished. I don't want to "master" anything. I want to spy, and sneak, and capture things just as they are . . . record all that comes before and after the song—jokes and fights and private moments.

Having an unfillable hole inside is a great catalyst. You're always trying new things to fill it. People with holes look good! Look ready for action. But then sometimes you're home alone, and there's nothing new to try, and the hole's still there. "Hey," it growls, poking you from inside, "I'm hungry." I get tired of it!

We are like two living cells inside a just-dead body—doomed, terrified.

She argues herself out of anything she's working on, halfway through. As I stand there in the downpour and pull the mailbox open and drop my letter down the hole, I think about how Cindy is more beautiful, intelligent, and intricate than me, but still I have the winning point: whatever I do, even when I'm wrong, I go all the way.

It's dark humor, but it's rooted in something real. What you present to the world is light humor. You keep it fun and fast-paced. No one can relate to that long-term. Struggle is what makes life rich—not success.”
Lisa Crystal Carver, Drugs are Nice: A Post-Punk Memoir

Christopher Hitchens
“That which can be asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence.”
Christopher Hitchens

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