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The Middlemen: A ...
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  (page 18 of 213)
"It was impossible not to get on with Jim, Ted would say, he was so affadaptable, and euphoric to the point, sometimes, of imbecility, perhaps as a result of graduating in Business English and Human Relations in a School of Management run on American lines." Apr 25, 2014 06:07AM

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by Jeff Bursey (Goodreads Author)
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"Speaker, is this minister content to sit and do nothing while the people of this Province are beaten, burned, robbed, raped, and killed in her sight? Does she want to be a Minister of Justice or a chamberlain in the court of misrule?" Apr 19, 2014 04:02AM

The Holy Innocents
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Scribble Orca and 3 other people liked MJ Nicholls's status update
MJ Nicholls
MJ Nicholls is on page 140 of 258 of The Black Book: “Hilda’s big toe, left over from the evening’s entertainment, posted above the bedrail to rot away through eternity, like a traitor’s head on London Bridge. Or Perez whimpering on the table among the students while the current ran like vinegar up his anus. (Rabelais’s curse: May the fire of St. Anthony fly up thy fundament).”
Scribble Orca and 8 other people liked Fionnuala's status update
Fionnuala is on page 165 of 320 of Verbivoracious Festschrift Volume One: Interviewer: There is a nice pun in "Self-confrontation and the Writer". You say biography is always bifography, as if to say that any attempt at truth always ends up in a fog, a false construction.
CB-R: Oh yes, I'd forgotten that. It's nice to have critics who come and remind one of the things one wrote many years ago.
Scribble Orca and 9 other people liked Fionnuala's status update
Fionnuala is on page 416 of 720 of Finnegans Wake: Now whim the sillybilly Gracehoper had jingled through ajungle of love anddebts and jangled through ajumble of life indoubts afterworse, wetting with the bimblebeaks, driking with nautonects, bilking with durrydunglecks and horing after ladybirdies, he fell just as sieck asasexton and tantoo pooveroo quanta churchprince, not one pickopeck of muscowmoney to baga tittlebitsof beebread! O moyBog, he contrited with melan
"So much for printed material involving maps.... "
"Absence of solitude? HAHAHAHAHAHA. "
Scribble Orca and 2 other people liked Jeff Bursey's status update
Jeff Bursey
Jeff Bursey added a status update: Started reading the CB-R festschrift on the same day a review copy of David Markson letters arrives, and I stumbled across a long article by Karl Ove Knausgaard on the importance of sensitive editing, and what makes a good editor; yesterday, this URL popped up - It's an issue of LISA, an e-journal, devoted to Gabriel Josipovici. The stars are aligned nicely this week.
"Now MJ, you're just being so tongue-in-cheek. "
"Wenn ich jetzt irgendwas auf Deutsch schreiben wuerde, wird es, meiner Meinung, genau so lang auf Englisch sein.

If I now were to write something in En...more
"Good to hear. Will look forward to more of your thoughts on the material matters :). De-mystification was the principal concern in that S A (Y). "
Scribble Orca is on page 18 of 213 of The Middlemen: It was impossible not to get on with Jim, Ted would say, he was so affadaptable, and euphoric to the point, sometimes, of imbecility, perhaps as a result of graduating in Business English and Human Relations in a School of Management run on American lines.
The Middlemen: A Satire
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Walter Benjamin
“Writers are really people who write books not because they are poor, but because they are dissatisfied with the books which they could buy but do not like.”
Walter Benjamin, Illuminations: Essays and Reflections

Gilbert Sorrentino
“Outside of the dreary rubbish that is churned out by god knows how many hacks of varying degrees of talent, the novel is, it seems to me, a very special and rarefied kind of literary form, and was, for a brief moment only, wide-ranging in its sociocultural influence. For the most part, it has always been an acquired taste and it asks a good deal from its audience. Our great contemporary problem is in separating that which is really serious from that which is either frivolously and fashionably "radical" and that which is a kind of literary analogy to the Letterman show. It's not that there is pop culture around, it's that so few people can see the difference between it and high culture, if you will. Morton Feldman is not Stephen Sondheim. The latter is a wonderful what-he-is, but he is not what-he-is-not. To pretend that he is is to insult Feldman and embarrass Sondheim, to enact a process of homogenization that is something like pretending that David Mamet, say, breathes the same air as Samuel Beckett. People used to understand that there is, at any given time, a handful of superb writers or painters or whatever--and then there are all the rest. Nothing wrong with that. But it now makes people very uncomfortable, very edgy, as if the very idea of a Matisse or a Charles Ives or a Thelonious Monk is an affront to the notion of "ain't everything just great!" We have the spectacle of perfectly nice, respectable, harmless writers, etc., being accorded the status of important artists...Essentially the serious novelist should do what s/he can do and simply forgo the idea of a substantial audience.”
Gilbert Sorrentino

Lawrence Durrell
“It takes a lot of energy and a lot of neurosis to write a novel. If you were really sensible, you'd do something else.”
Lawrence Durrell

John Keats
“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all
Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know”
John Keats, The Complete Poems

Aldous Huxley
“With me, travelling is frankly a vice. The temptation to indulge in it is one which I find almost as hard to resist as the temptation to read promiscuously, omnivorously and without purpose. From time to time, it is true, I make a desperate resolution to mend my ways. I sketch out programmes of useful, serious reading; I try to turn my rambling voyages into systematic tours through the history of art and civilization. But without much success. After a little I relapse into my old bad ways. Deplorable weakness! I try to comfort myself with the hope that even my vices may be of some profit to me.”
Aldous Huxley

Short Stories (Literature & Fiction)
2 chapters   —   updated Oct 21, 2012 09:33PM
Description: Currently two short stories submitted for the 2012 The Age (Melbourne newspaper) Short Story Competition.
Film Hall of Fame (Entertainment)
1 chapters   —   updated Jul 20, 2012 06:53PM
Description: The idea for this is owed to Brian's Review Hall of Fame.
On The Issue of Identity (Select)
2 chapters   —   updated Nov 15, 2010 12:52PM
Description: Just my own personal take...
Fililee and the Elf-Prince (Science Fiction & Fantasy)
1 chapters   —   updated Nov 10, 2010 12:57AM
Description: Princess Fililee has been forbidden to accompany her father to the Elves. She disobeys, and seals her fate.
Flimsy attempts at satire (Humor)
1 chapters   —   updated Nov 07, 2010 01:36AM
Description: The title says it all, really.
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