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Whatcha Gonna Do ...
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The Siren
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by Tiffany Reisz (Goodreads Author)
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Tattoos and Tatas
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by Tara Sivec (Goodreads Author)
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Lone Wolf by Aleksandr Voinov
"I have been looking forward to reading Hunter Easton’s story since first encountering his character in Starstruck. Mr. Voinov and Ms. Witt did not disappoint in the telling of his story and the introduction of Kevin Hussain to the Wolf’s Landing f..." Read more of this review »
Revving Up the Holidays by A.S. Fenichel
""I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads."

I loved this tale of love second time around. All the characters were interesting, had a backstory and had a future. There wasn't too much angst, there were lots of family m..." Read more of this review »
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Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy by Jodi Linton
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Pretty Reckless by Jodi Linton
Pretty Reckless (Deputy Laney Briggs, #1)
by Jodi Linton (Goodreads Author)
read in December, 2014
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Amber Detjens is 56% done with Pretty Reckless
Pretty Reckless by Jodi Linton
Pretty Reckless (Deputy Laney Briggs, #1)
by Jodi Linton (Goodreads Author)
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Amber Detjens is currently reading
Pretty Reckless by Jodi Linton
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Amber Detjens is currently reading
The Siren by Tiffany Reisz
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Trashed by Jasinda Wilder
Trashed (Stripped, #2)
by Jasinda Wilder (Goodreads Author)
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Tara Sivec
“Will you stop calling it ‘stalking’? That’s such a harsh term. I prefer ‘anonymous following.”
Tara Sivec, Shame on Me

Erica Chilson
“My eyes glue to him in fascination as he cleans his flogger. He’s shirtless since the room is above comfortable temperature. I watch as a drop of sweat creates a path down his back, gliding around all those perfect striated muscles. The drop disappears beneath his low-slung, leather pants. A shiver rocks my body at the thought of it sliding down the crack of his bitable ass.
“Katya, snap your mouth shut, close the door, and have a seat,” Dexter commands and I listen.”
Erica Chilson, Unleashed

Erica Chilson
“As I rock down the hall I am flung from my path- snatched and grabbed. Before I can even utter a word, a large palm is covering my mouth. In less than five seconds I am inside a pitch black room, pushed face first into a cold metal door, and I hear the lock snick into place. A heavy weight presses at my back. I didn’t even have time to panic. It was a well-timed attack.
My mind flashes to another time and place, another hand on my mouth. I breathe though the panic that tries to overcome me.
I allow my senses to put me at ease. He’s just softly breathing near my ear. His body is relaxed. The way he holds me feels more playful than threatening.
“Let me guess… the Boss,” I say to the heavy weight at my back. My tone is a mix of amused annoyance.”
Erica Chilson, Restraint

Erica Chilson
“In the past I was a vicious hunter. I would stalk my prey with pinpoint accuracy. Ever since Monica came into my life I’ve abstained from the game. It almost feels strange to stand here and look to the crowd knowing I could pick one and f*ck them into oblivion. I won’t though. I may love her, but that isn’t the reason. If I were to pick someone for the sake of revenge sex then I’m giving control to Monica and Dalton for betraying me. I’m strong enough to wait. A good hunter is always patient and never stalks in anger.'
'I always crack it until Tobias stops flinching at the sound. It’s never the same amount of times. I don’t want it to become obvious so I always do it a few more times to create a sense of surprise.
I coil up the leather and with the flick of my wrist I set a perfect line against Monica’s back. She yelps in pain and surprise, and Tobias joins her. He thought he’d get the first blow.
I breathe through the pounding in my cock. It beats in time with my rapidly beating heart.
I flick my wrist again taking Monica across the shoulder. I see Tobias tense as she screams. Mustn’t allow the slaves to think they are taking even turns. The blow’s shock is what makes my cock burn for release. I palm my balls as they tighten, threatening to shoot my release up the stock of my dick. I inhale through my nose and breathe out my mouth until I regain my control.
I flick my wrist again and hit Monica across her thighs. She screams bloody murder at the ceiling and I smile to myself. It hurts like a bitch, but the marks will fade. I never break skin. This is my passion- my gift.”
Erica Chilson, Dexter

Erica Chilson
“Cassie,” I growl at the young brunette. “How’s the sobriety?”
Alex brought the submissive to us. She’s an addict that he councils at Transcend. I don’t want to be mean to her right now, especially since my best friend brought her here, but I’m furious and she’s an outlet. She can’t strike back.
“Ninety days sober,” she says with pride.
“That’s awesome,” I say enthusiastically and smile at her. “I love how we have to give fuck ups a medal when they behave. I would think it should go to those who never fuck up. What’s the incentive to behave if all you have to do is get shit-faced and steal shit for years and then ninety days on the straight-and-narrow we have to pat you on the back for being a good girl,” I say in a saccharine voice.
She gazes at me with huge, glassy brown eyes. I can see the tears forming. Cassie worries her full bottom lip between her teeth and tries not to blink.
“But hey, what do I know. It just seems like the system is flawed. The good little boys and girls just don’t get the recognition that a crack-whore thief gets,” I shrug.
Cassie blinks and the surface of her tears breaks and they finally slide down her cheeks in shame.
“But go you!” I shout sarcastically. I give her a thumbs up and walk down the hall.
“Cold… that was just cold, dude,” Alex chuckles at me.
That was so bad that I have to laugh or I’d puke. I shake my head as my belly contracts from laughter.
“Score on my newest asshattery?” I ask my partner in crime. If I didn’t have him I’d scream. I’ll owe Master Marcus forever. He stripped me bare until Font was naked in the impact room at Brownstone I trained in. Alex walked in and shook my hand- instant best friend.
“Ah…” He taps his chin in thought and the bastard tucks his black hair behind his ear. I growl at him because he did it on purpose. He knows how much I miss the feel of my hair swinging at my jawline.
Alex arches a perfect brow above his aqua eye and smirks. He runs his hands through his hair and groans in pleasure.
“8.5. It was a decent attempt, but you pulled your hit. You’re too soft. I bet you were scared you’d make her relapse.”
“Yeah,” I say bashfully.
“Not happening, bud. I’m just that fucking good. I better go do some damage control. Don’t hurt any more subs. Pick on the big bastards. They may bite back, but their egos are delicate.”
Erica Chilson, Dalton

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