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Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
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Uma Noite Para se Entregar by Tessa Dare
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Proteja-me by Maya Banks
Proteja-me (Slow Burn #1)
by Maya Banks (Goodreads Author)
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Lauren Oliver
“In approved places, every story serves a purpose. But forbidden books are so much more. Some of them are webs; you can feel your way along their threads, but just barely, into strange and dark corners. Some of them are ballons bobbing up through the sky: totally self-contained, and unreachable, but beautiful to watch.
And some of them - the best ones - are doors.”
Lauren Oliver, Pandemonium
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Gena Showalter
“Wildness had never been a part of her life. Home, work, home, work. That's all her life had consisted of, really. She'd told Maddox that she'd been glad for her solitude, bu the truth was, there were times she'd been starved for touch. Any touch.”
Gena Showalter, The Darkest Night

Lauren Oliver
“Grief is like sinking, like being buried. I am in water tawny color of kicked up dirt Every breath is full of choking. there is nothing to hold on to, no sides, no way to claw myself up. there is nothing left to do but let go.”
Lauren Oliver, Pandemonium

Elizabeth Noble
“You care about me. We're in a room together, with a hundred other people, and you know ehre I am, who I'm talking to. We enjoy each other. We're a bit alike, but different enough. You see things in me that you don't see in your wife and you know, deep down, that if we had met in another time, when it wasn't impossible for anything to happen between us, that we could have had something. And you think it might have been spetacular. And you know you might be a different person if you were with me, and that scares the hell out of you. And when youve had a few drinks, you fancy the arse off me." (...)
He gave her a little sideways smile. "Nearly right."
She raised an eyebrow. God, this felt good. (...)
"Just to be sure we're both clear on this, I'm about to kiss you, Lucy.”
Elizabeth Noble

Gena Showalter
“He bit the inside of his cheek, Death purring wildy. The pleasure of her touch, even one so innocent, rocked him to the core.”
Gena Showalter, The Darkest Kiss

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