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Dark Skye
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Little Death
Lexxie is currently reading
by Roe Valentine (Goodreads Author)
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Khanh (Kittens, Rainbows, and Sunshine)
Khanh (Kittens, Rainbows, and Sunshine) is on page 100 of 608 of Mortal Coils: Indeed, one did not face one’s brothers and sisters without taking careful
precautions against carnage and bloodshed.
Robin (Bridge Four)
Robin (Bridge Four) is 72% done with The Prince: "I learned how to pick locks to piss him off. I wanted him to know that anything he put me into, I could get out of. Even if I didn't try."
"Why? I thought you loved him."
"I do love him. Love and having an escape plan are not mutually exclusive. They are in fact, both highly recommended."

Oh Wes :( you are in so over your head. Nora is not the victim she was exactly where she wanted to be.
Jirrine Jirrine marked as kindle Carrier (The Line, #1)
Amanda is starting Archer's Voice: Was about to sit down and finally write my review for this one (months later) and was skimming reviews. Started tearing up just thinking about it and decided I need to re-read it today before I write my review. It's just one of those books.
Lexxie rated a book 5 of 5 stars
How the Scoundrel Seduces by Sabrina Jeffries
How the Scoundrel Seduces (The Duke's Men, #3)
by Sabrina Jeffries (Goodreads Author)
read in July, 2014
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*I received a free ARC of How the Scoundrel Seduces from Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review*

How the Scoundrel Seduces made me so happy! The whole Duke's Men series is so well done, and I really loved Trista...more
Lexxie is 6% done with How the Scoundrel Seduces: Tristan is as wonderfully rakish and devilishly honest as I remember. I'm gong to love this!
How the Scoundrel Seduces
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Lexxie started reading
Dark Skye by Kresley Cole
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Lexxie started reading
How the Scoundrel Seduces by Sabrina Jeffries
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Lexxie rated a book 4 of 5 stars
Deep In Death by Colleen Helme
Deep In Death (A Shelby Nichols Adventure #6)
by Colleen Helme (Goodreads Author)
read in July, 2014
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*I received a free ARC of Deep in Death from Enchantress of Book Blogtours in exchange of an honest review*

Fast-paced, lighthearted, fun and filled with supsense, Deep in death took me on a whirlwind of a ride alongisde Shelby, Dimples, Chris, Ramos...more
Lexxie rated a book 3 of 5 stars
Carrots by Colleen Helme
Carrots (Shelby Nichols, #1)
by Colleen Helme (Goodreads Author)
read in September, 2013
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*I received a free ARC of Carrots from Enchantress of Books Blogtours in exchange of an honest review*

My review will first be posted on my blog (un)Conventional Bookviews on September 17th as part of a blogtour.
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G.R. Reader
“At your next book club meeting, picture me sitting quietly in the corner, taking notes on your preferences. Imagine the next day you get an email from me trying to sell you a new grill — or a book — or accessories for your Glock. That's the Amazon/Goodreads deal. It's appalling. But everywhere in the press, you'll read about the genius of Amazon."
(Michael Herrmann and the booksellers of Gibson's)”
G.R. Reader, Off-Topic: The Story of an Internet Revolt

G.R. Reader
“And then they started deleting the protest reviews.
That was my line. When they started to stamp out dissent, actually to make it disappear with virtually no excuse for doing so...that’s not neglect. That’s not an overwhelmed person or people trying to figure it out. That’s an entity that has decided that they do not care, that they have moved on from the issue, do not see it as an issue, and is trying to avoid bad press. Or they are too far down the line to backtrack on what they’ve been doing and save face. They’re content with their wildly inconsistent policy enough to no longer care what effect it is having on their user base.
If you try to silence dissent, then something is very, very wrong.”
G.R. Reader, Off-Topic: The Story of an Internet Revolt

G.R. Reader
“. . . I can see how the issue of exercising corporate control over users content is truly enraging here, on a site significantly made by these contributors. It’s unavoidable that we come to this, in my opinion (corporations always do), and GR/Amazon has all keys to the kingdom, but I can see why it’s so disappointing and enraging.
Your content is theirs to do with as they please, their software works as they want, your choices are take it or leave it.

The Internet is no longer for sharing (nor for porn!), it’s for corporations to exercise their control over users.”
G.R. Reader, Off-Topic: The Story of an Internet Revolt

G.R. Reader
“The Internet is transient. Information can be removed with a couple of mouse-clicks; it is an Orwellian dream. We have been advised, by people who claim to know about these things, that there is no point in protesting against a social network. Whoever owns the network will run it as they see fit, normally to maximize their profit margin. Members who dispute the rules will simply be thrown out. The Terms of Use are written so as not to allow them any recourse.”
G.R. Reader, Off-Topic: The Story of an Internet Revolt

G.R. Reader
“As the voices fall silent, the individuals who make up the amorphous and always changing community must decide for themselves, as they always have. I can’t write a coda because I can’t speak for others. I can only and ever speak for myself.”
G.R. Reader

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