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The Getaway God by Richard Kadrey
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It MUST be the Apocalypse. It’s raining non-stop in LA — hard enough to flood the streets and send the mundys running for higher ground. It’s raining angel blood Downtown, in Hell, as war rages up above in Heaven. And Stark — aka Sandman Slim, everyo...more
Acceptance by Jeff VanderMeer
Acceptance (Southern Reach Trilogy, #3)
by Jeff VanderMeer (Goodreads Author)
read in May, 2014
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Call her Ghost Bird. That’s not her real name. But then, when she was the Biologist, she wasn’t supposed to use her real name, either.

But then, was she ever the Biologist at all? Or is she merely a copy of the woman who went into the topographical my...more
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"Same here! It's like "instant crowded dance floor - just add 'Dead or Alive'" "
The Son by Jo Nesbø
The Son
by Jo Nesbø
read in May, 2014
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Deep in the bowels of Staten Maximum Security Prison, a saint sits in his cell — healing others while harming himself.

His name is Sonny, and the prisoners love him. They say he has healing hands, and can absolve you of your sins. He’s good to talk to...more
Authority by Jeff VanderMeer
Authority (Southern Reach Trilogy, #2)
by Jeff VanderMeer (Goodreads Author)
read in April, 2014
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Call him Control. It’s not his real name, of course, but it’s what his weird, spookshow family has always called him. Almost as it he’s some kind of experiment, rather than their own flesh and blood.

And maybe that’s why he’s here, in this place, at t...more
The Axe Factor by Colin Cotterill
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Some time ago, Jimm Juree was an up-and-coming crime reporter for Chiang Mai’s paper of record, and felt that she was going places. Unfortunately, her mother had other ideas on the destination, and packed most of their odd and contentious family down...more
Herbie's Game by Timothy Hallinan
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When Junior Bender was a young man, just starting his criminal career, he had an on-the-job run-in with an older, more experienced burglar: the one and only Herbie Mott. The guy could have just told Junior to scram, or else set him up for a fall, but...more
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Kill City Blues by Richard Kadrey
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Police by Jo Nesbø
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Unsolved mysteries. Everyone in law enforcement knows they are a sad fact of life. Every detective has a number of cases he or she wishes they could have had more time with, or just one more, telling piece of evidence. But, sooner or later, even the...more
Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer
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Call her the Biologist. She has a name, but we’re not meant to know what it is. Knowing her real name might complicate things, here in Area X, and it’s already complicated enough.

Complicated and dangerous.

What is it? No one’s really sure. Shortly aft...more
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