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Ritual Magic
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by Eileen Wilks (Goodreads Author)
recommended to Estara by: comfort read auto-buy series
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progress:  Sep 03, 2013 01:38AM

The Time of My Li...
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recommended to Estara by: I loved all her letter collections, it's a fascinating insight into the times
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Estara is currently reading
by Lois McMaster Bujold (Goodreads Author)
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  (page 100 of 448)
"I'm stalling out this time when the River people are introduced because I remember being bored of this before, and am so now. Whenever Dag does a lot of navel gazing without interacting with Fawn due to plot I am not so enamoured of this series." Oct 22, 2012 09:38AM


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"Back in April, I noted that the publicity campaign for Captain America: The Winter Soldier here in Germany as well as reviews of the film seemed to focus far more on Black Widow than on Captain America, the actual star of the movie. Back then, I a..." Read more of this blog post »
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"Yes, people want classes! I'm excited. Please feel free to spread the word. I'll be sending out another ping after this weekend, when the US holiday crowds get back and head to work.This fall I'll be offering three classes starting October 8th. On..." Read more of this blog post »
Chachic is 10% done with The Maverick's Greek Island Mistress: I like the Greek island setting of this one.
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"I'll just shamelessly adapt and copy the info from Oyceter's post on her dreamwidth, because I subscribed during the membership drive, too, and got a...more "
Estara added a status update: Want to try Sparkler, the online shoujo monthly for free for a month? Enter a comment to this update for a chance ^^. More info in my additional comment.
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"I salute the fact that you're driving in the UK at all. When I did foreign language assistant in Cambridgeshire I let my brother drive me home with my...more "
Estara made a comment on Li’s review of Lady John
"Li wrote: "Good to hear there's more to come! "Victorian fae steampunky possible YA" also sounds fascinating..."

What I heard during her reading really...more
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"Because that panel actually also mostly was about romance and relationships in Bioware and Bethesda games, heh. "
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"Although = however ^^ "
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Michael Marshall Smith
“How many times have you tried to talk to someone about something that matters to you, tried to get them to see it the way you do? And how many of those times have ended with you feeling bitter, resenting them for making you feel like your pain doesn't have any substance after all?

Like when you've split up with someone, and you try to communicate the way you feel, because you need to say the words, need to feel that somebody understands just how pissed off and frightened you feel. The problem is, they never do. "Plenty more fish in the sea," they'll say, or "You're better off without them," or "Do you want some of these potato chips?" They never really understand, because they haven't been there, every day, every hour. They don't know the way things have been, the way that it's made you, the way it has structured your world. They'll never realise that someone who makes you feel bad may be the person you need most in the world. They don't understand the history, the background, don't know the pillars of memory that hold you up. Ultimately, they don't know you well enough, and they never can. Everyone's alone in their world, because everybody's life is different. You can send people letters, and show them photos, but they can never come to visit where you live.

Unless you love them. And then they can burn it down.”
Michael Marshall Smith, Only Forward

Sharon Lee
“The thing to recall about Dragons is that it takes a special person to deal with them at all. If you lie to them they will steal from you. If you attack them without cause they will dismember you. If you run from them they will laugh at you.

It is thus best to deal calmly, openly and fairly with Dragons: Give them all they buy and no more or less, and they will do the same by you. Stand at their back and they will stand at yours. Always remember that a Dragon is first a Dragon and only then a friend, a partner, a lover.

Never assume that you have discovered a Dragon's weak point until it is dead and forgotten, for joy is fleeting and a Dragon's revenge is forever.”
Sharon Lee

Lois McMaster Bujold
“The real unforgivable acts are committed by calm men in beautiful green silk rooms, who deal death wholesale, by the shipload, without lust, without anger, or desire, or any redeeming emotion to excuse them but cold fear of some pretended future.

But the crimes they hope to prevent in that future are imaginary. The ones they commit in the present - they are real.”
Lois McMaster Bujold, Shards of Honour

Nora Roberts
“He wanted to be a poet,' someone else put in while Maggie hugged Tim and patted his back. 'Said he'd only lacked the words to be one.”
Nora Roberts, Born in Fire

Susan Cooper
“When the Dark comes rising six shall turn it back;
Three from the circle, three from the track;
Wood, bronze, iron; Water, fire, stone;
Five will return and one go alone.

Iron for the birthday; bronze carried long;
Wood from the burning; stone out of song;
Fire in the candle ring; water from the thaw;
Six signs the circle and the grail gone before.

Fire on the mountain shall find the harp of gold
Played to wake the sleepers, oldest of old.
Power from the Green Witch, lost beneath the sea.
All shall find the Light at last, silver on the tree.”
Susan Cooper, The Dark is Rising Sequence

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