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Black Water: The ...
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Chariots of the Gods? by Erich von Däniken
Chariots of the Gods?
by Erich von Däniken
read in August, 2015
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How I Killed Pluto and Why It Had It Coming by Mike Brown
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The Food of the Gods by H.G. Wells
“It is not that we would oust the little people from the world,' he said, 'in order that we, who are no more than one step upwards from their littleness, may hold their world forever. It is the step we fight for an not ourselves... We are here, Brothers, to what end? To serve the spirit and the purpose that has been breathed into our lives. We fight not for ourselves - for we are but the momentary hands and eyes of the Life of the world... This earth is no resting place... We fight not for ourselves but for growth - growth that goes on forever. Tomorrow, whether we live or die, growth will conquer through us. That is the law of the spirit for ever more. To grow according to the will of God! To grow out of these cracks and crannies, out of these shadows and darknesses, into greatness and the light! Greater,' he said, speaking with slow deliberation, 'greater, my Brothers! And then - still greater. To grow, and again - to grow. To grow at last into the fellowship and understanding of God ...more H.G. Wells
District 14 by Romuald Reutimann
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It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis
“Every man is a king so long as he has someone to look down on.”
Sinclair Lewis
Invisibility by Steve Richards
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This is surprisingly more coherent than you'd think.

The science is undoubtedly questionable (even if one adjusts for the decade it was written (the 1980s)), but the author obfuscates heroically. The pseudo-science/mumbo jumbo he proffers as his basi
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Black Water by Alberto Manguel
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The League of Regrettable Superheroes by Jon Morris
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The League of Regrettable Superheroes by Jon Morris
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E.L. Doctorow
“Generally speaking a view of the available economic systems
that have been tested historically must acknowledge the immense
power of capitalism to generate living standards food housing
education the amenities to a degree unprecedented in human
civilization. The benefits of such a system while occasionally
random and unpredictable with periods of undeniable stress
and misery depression starvation and degradation are
inevitably distributed to a greater and greater percentage
of the population. The periods of economic stability also
ensure a greater degree of popular political freedom
and among the industrial Western democracies today despite
occasional suppression of free speech quashing of dissent
corruption of public officials and despite the tendency of
legislation to serve the interests of the ruling business
oligarchy the poisoning of the air water the chemical adulteration
of food the obscene development of hideous weaponry the
increased costs of simple survival the waste of human resources
the ruin of cities the servitude of backward foreign populations
the standards of life under capitalism by any criterion are
far greater than under state socialism in whatever forms
it is found British Swedish Cuban Soviet or Chinese. Thus
the good that fierce advocacy of personal wealth accomplishes
in the historical run of things outweighs the bad. And while
we may not admire always the personal motives of our business
leaders we can appreciate the inevitable percolation of the
good life as it comes down through our native American soil.
You cannot observe the bounteous beauty of our county nor take
pleasure in its most ordinary institutions in peace and safety
without acknowledging the extraordinary achievement of
American civilization. There are no Japanese bandits lying
in wait on the Tokaidoways after all. Drive down the
turnpike past the pretty painted pipes of the oil refineries
and no one will hurt you.”
E.L. Doctorow

Robert Graves
“You know how it is when one talks of liberty. Everything seems beautifully simple. One expects every gate to open and every wall to fall flat.”
Robert Graves, Claudius the God and His Wife Messalina

Ryan North
“Dude, trouble's just an adventure you haven't finished yet!" - Jake the Dog”
Ryan North, Adventure Time Vol. 5

Anthony Powell
“...Even when you have ceased to love someone, that does not necessarily bring an indifference to a past shared together. Besides, though love may die, vanity lives on timelessly. I knew that I must be prepared to hear things I should not like. Yet, although where unfaithfulness reigns, ignorance may be preferable to knowledge, at the same time, once knowledge is brutally born, exactitude is preferable to uncertainty.”
Anthony Powell, The Valley of Bones

Sinclair Lewis
“America, like England and Scotland, had never really been a gay nation. Rather, it had been heavily and noisily jocular, with a substratum of worry and insecurity, in the image of its patron saint, Lincoln of the rollicking stories and tragic heart.”
Sinclair Lewis

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