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A World Without P...
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"Dipper walked down the stairs to get attacked with something shiny. Tinsel. He heard three sets of giggles, an old man laughter ending in a cough, and a laugh coming from a child who didn't know when to stop. He looked around to see Mabel, Diana,..." Read more of this chapter »
" Vandila followed after Icky making sure he didn't get into trouble. "So, how old are you?" She asked him.
Icky looked up at her. "I'm six!" He said hap
Anastacia *The Pilgrim* Asbury made a comment in the group 1x1 RoleplaySkydow and Toast 2 topic
" Dipper looked at Mabel. "You ready?" He asked. "
Anastacia *The Pilgrim* Asbury made a comment in the group iWriteOne Line topic
" Phillip looked at him, "How come?" "
" April pushed Mikey and Sibyl out and quickly got dressed. She quickly rushed out the door. "
"Wirt was curled up on the couch in a red blanket. He was slowly drifting off into sleep when he felt something, or someone, sit on him.
"WAKE UP!" Greg called. He bent down to look at Wirt's face. He poked Wirt's nose. "Wake up," he said.
"I'm awake..." Read more of this chapter »
"Dipper heard her feet running up the stairs before he caught sight of her coming into the room. "Yes Mabel?" He asked as Mabel walked in.
Mabel held something behind her back. "You won't believe what Grunkle Stan gave me! FOR FREE!"
Dipper looked at..." Read more of this chapter »
" I hate you but love you at the same time. I'm suppose to be hiding from my plain sight...on my mum's bed... "
"Greg, Wirt, Sara, and the gang hung out at the bonfire that was in the high school's football field. It was Winter Solstice and it was a common tradition to light a giant bonfire starting as the sun set and until the sun rose, though very little p..." Read more of this chapter »
"Mabel looked up at Stan. "What're you doing?" She asked him.
Stan had a candle in his hand and was decorating a small plate for it to sit on. He looked up at her. "Getting a Christmas candle ready to set in your room," he said
Mabel watched as he de..." Read more of this chapter »
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“It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it.”
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Fandom 100 Word Advent 2014 (Select)
24 chapters   —   updated 6 hours, 50 min ago
Description: Look I'm doing this again! :D However this time it seems like it's mainly Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall. Fun! Fun! So basically just a bunch of headcanon crap XD Um basic plots: OTGW- It's the December after the adventure GF- Dipper and Mabel convinced their parents to spend Christmas vacation at Grunkle Stan's
Poems By a Girl Like Me (Poetry)
73 chapters   —   updated Dec 07, 2014 10:20PM
Description: randomness level on high!!!
Writing Contest Entries (Select)
35 chapters   —   updated Sep 18, 2014 08:58PM
Description: I've entered several contestes the last couple months. In two groups Writers Who Are Children/Young Writers (or WWRC/YW) and Teens Writing (or TW) It's pretty random Will not be adding my poetry because that will be in my folder about poetry :)
A New Moon (Select)
3 chapters   —   updated Aug 24, 2014 02:33PM
Description: (A Gravity Falls Fanfiction) A new family moves in to Gravity Falls. With two kids around Dipper and Mabel's age the twins decide to make friends with them. However like pretty much everyone else in the mysterious town, this family is not all that they seem. Just how dark and deep is their secret and will it cause any trouble for the twins?
Of Nightmares and Candy (Select)
11 chapters   —   updated May 01, 2014 06:13PM
Description: RotG fanfic soooo yeah blah blah blah RotG belongs to DreamWorks blah blah blah When The Man in the Moon appoints the role of Halloween to someone it opens up the gateway to Pitch Black's prison and releases him. He wants her with him so that they can take over the dreams of all the people on the Earth and control the world.
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