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The Bloody Chambe...
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The Political Unc...
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"April, I feel honored... the first person on your friend's list! I do hope you will find Goodreads as much of an enriching experience as I have over t...more "
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"Yeah, actually a lot of dichotomies around the word cynicism.... the first cynics, as in the Greek school of thought (see "
"Well, Ruth, you could always skim and just read the juicy bits, you know. Hehehe. >:D

Glad you had some enjoyment, Melinda Jane!
"You have me wondering now if there may at all be a possibility that George Eliot was referring back to Isaac Causabon with her own character Causabon;...more "
Traveller made a comment in the group MiévilliansGroup Discussion Schedule topic
"Derek (Guilty of thoughtcrime) wrote: "I'm good with that. Not that I'll likely reread American Gods, but I just — against my own advice — bought the...more "
Traveller and 1 other person liked Tim Colgan's review of Absalom, Absalom!:
Absalom, Absalom! by William Faulkner
" For me, this is about as good as literature gets. The best novels draw on the author’s personal experience and share it with a reader in a way which makes it their experience as well. Faulkner, in “Absalom, Absalom” deals with his own dilemma of b... " Read more of this review »
King Rat by China Miéville
" Come and join us in the Miévillans group for a group discussion of this fabulous first novel by China Miéville. [In honor of His Chinaness, the pun on fabulous is entirely intended.]

While this shows some of the roughness of a first novel, it's got... " Read more of this review »
Traveller rated a book 3 of 5 stars
King Rat by China Miéville
King Rat
by China Miéville (Goodreads Author)
read in July, 2014
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The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories by Angela Carter
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G.R. Reader
“The Internet is transient. Information can be removed with a couple of mouse-clicks; it is an Orwellian dream. We have been advised, by people who claim to know about these things, that there is no point in protesting against a social network. Whoever owns the network will run it as they see fit, normally to maximize their profit margin. Members who dispute the rules will simply be thrown out. The Terms of Use are written so as not to allow them any recourse.”
G.R. Reader, Off-Topic: The Story of an Internet Revolt

Thomas Merton
“What I wear is pants. What I do is live. How I pray is breathe.”
Thomas Merton, Thomas Merton: A Life in Letters: The Essential Collection

“Derrida is not an excuse”
Nathan "N.R." Gaddis

G.R. Reader
“By deciding what is, and is not, allowed to be discussed in a review,
by removing discussion of social context, and saying that only the
words on the page count, Goodreads is ignoring fifty years of development
of literary criticism, and is engaging in censorship.”
G.R. Reader, Off-Topic: The Story of an Internet Revolt

“To be clear, Goodreads staff have not been deleting any posts. A value we've always had here is that we don't censor content (unless it's against our policies - eg porn, etc). [April 1, 2013]”
Otis Y. Chandler

FLIGHTS OF FANCY (Literature & Fiction)
3 chapters   —   updated Apr 22, 2013 05:44AM
Description: Freeflow prose & poetry
Commentary on (Literature & Fiction)
0 chapters   —   updated Mar 17, 2013 11:40AM
Description: An attempt to argue towards an alternative interpretation to a work that is often interpreted as a Gothic ghost tale.
NOTES: ETHICS (Nonfiction)
1 chapters   —   updated Feb 14, 2013 03:45AM
Description: General notes on three areas of the practical applications of ethic: bioethics, environmental ethics, and business ethics.
NOTES: Infinite Jest (Literature & Fiction)
1 chapters   —   updated Dec 11, 2012 04:11AM
Description: I think it's going to be easier to put my notes where there is space for them.
76877 Miévillians — 153 members — last activity Jul 23, 2014 10:54AM
Club Miéville à la Goodreads. This is a club for people interested in discussing anything regarding the writer China Miéville; - his work, both fictio...more
80277 The Kindred Spirits — 248 members — last activity Jul 21, 2014 01:12PM
Place to meet and talk about anything.
114100 Foucault's Pendulum — 32 members — last activity 20 hours, 52 min ago
We're starting off by reading Umberto Eco's novel, Foucalt's Pendulum--and who knows where that might lead us?
37567 The Readers Review: Literature from 1800 to 1910 — 1816 members — last activity 3 hours, 8 min ago
This is a group for discerning readers looking to discover, explore, and critically discuss some of the World’s literature, with a primary emphasis on...more
72746 Roberto Bolano's "The Savage Detectives" — 60 members — last activity Feb 03, 2014 03:50AM
This group is designed to help readers share pleasure, pain, questions, answers, views, reviews and comments about "The Savage Detectives".
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