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" A friend went to a school that Robert visited and recommended the book to me. I'm glad I met him. Book is just great! "
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What are the names of Luthiel and Merrin's Wyrd stones?

He voted for: Methar Anduel,Ethel Bereth
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A song she heard
Of cold that gathers
Like winter's tongue
Among the shadows
It rose like blackness
In the sky
That on volcano's
Vomit rise
A Stone of ruin
From burn to chill
Like black moonrise
Her voice fell still...
Robert Fanney
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How can I judge?" she said at last. "To me, he is a hero. To the world a monster." She let her head fall into her arms and started crying quietly. "I miss him! Curse him! I miss him!"

Mithorden put a hand on her shoulder and let her cry for a few minutes. A sad smile slowly spread across his face. "I'm glad you can forgive him," he said at last.

Luthiel lifted her head. "How do you know?"

Because you miss him.
Robert Fanney
The War of Mists by Robert Fanney
"Luthiel's Song: The War of Mists was an enchanting book that you could never put down. Luthiel had to go through so much in little amount of time. Facing Zalos, the man that held her mother prisoner for centuries, being called the blood witch, and..." Read more of this review »
The War of Mists by Robert Fanney
"This second book in the Luthiel's Song series, perhaps, surpasses the first. And this is a very tough thing to do as the first book was one of the best I have ever read. The writing becomes more paced and, if possible, even more fluid and the stor..." Read more of this review »
The War of Mists by Robert Fanney
"This second installment in the Luthiel's Song epic explores deeper the conflict between the feminine and the masculine. Luthiel has saved and redeemed demons only to bear the blame for their past mis-deeds and to be called a witch. As the entire l..." Read more of this review »
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The Death of Winter by Robert Fanney
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Robert Fanney
“Rise, Luthiel, in the name of love you came and in the name of love I crown you!”
Robert Fanney

Robert Fanney
“Writers shouldn't fear criticism. Instead, they should fear silence. Criticism is healthy. It gets people thinking about your work and, even better, it gets them talking and arguing. But as for silence -- it is the greatest killer of writers. So if you hate a book and want to hurt it -- don't talk about it. And if you hate my books -- please, for God's sake, shout it from the hills! ”
Robert Fanney

Robert Fanney
“Under tyranny it is right to be a rebel!”
Robert Fanney

Robert Fanney
“Silent. So it should be. You have no place in this world, Luthiel. And there is no other.' Zalos reached out and lifted a few strands of her hair. 'Bright songs and the magic of hope are but a dangerous illusion. The fake comfort of witches charms.”
Robert Fanney

Robert Fanney
“In the depth a light will grow,
A silver shine no shadows know,
Like wings unfolding in the sky,
That circle 'round a gleaming eye,
Turning darkness all away,
Even depths will know their day,
For every shadow has its end,
In light!
Life will return again!”
Robert Fanney

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