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Tiger Shrimp Tango by Tim Dorsey
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Very disappointing. Started out OK with money scams in Florida but then got stupid, repetitious and boring. Never finished reading it. Did not find it amusing or written well.
The Light of Other Days by Arthur C. Clarke
The Light of Other Days
by Arthur C. Clarke
read in November, 2014
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The premise is simple: In the near future, scientists discover how to generate tiny wormholes that can peer anyplace, anytime - even into the past. They are cameras of unlimited and unstoppable power. Naturally, society must adapt to this great chang ...more
Blindsight by Peter Watts
by Peter Watts (Goodreads Author)
read in November, 2014
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BLINDSIGHT is a sort of Scientism manifesto, not so much story as thought experiment/theory of consciousness complete with footnotes and bibliography. The style of writing is fun to read, but needlessly opaque, probably in an effort to intimidate and ...more
Event Horizon by Jack McKinney
Event Horizon: (#1)
by Jack McKinney
read in November, 2014
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As satire, this does not have the manic dialogue of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, rather, it parodies the trends in 1991:

' Twenty years back, Earth wasn't a bad spot to be stuck, Charlie could be counted on to say. You could at least eat wel
Link by Walt Becker
by Walt Becker
read in November, 2014
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"Link" is a simplistic thriller that takes a high concept idea but does very little with it besides your typical, run-of-the-mill characterizations and plot twists. This is a very light, by-the-numbers effort that takes a good concept and ruins it wi ...more
Kent Montana and the Reasonably Invisible Man by Lionel Fenn
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Silliness. BUT--completely entertaining. Read for fun, and have it.
Hell's Aquarium by Steve Alten
Hell's Aquarium (MEG #4)
by Steve Alten
read in October, 2014
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Steve Alten is apparently a respected thriller author (I’d never heard of him) and the MEG series popular. “Hell's Aquarium” is the fourth in the series. I didn’t know this when I picked up the book (used), so without any background I jumped right in ...more
1776 by David McCullough
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1776 by David McCullough
by David McCullough
recommended for: history aficionados
read in January, 2009
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The musical was better!

No, I’m kidding (although I am one of 23 people on this planet to actually likes the B’way show. No excuse for the other planets). I want David McCullough to be my grandfather, sit near a fireplace, smoke a pipe and tell me st
Patrick Gibson made a comment on his review of 1776
1776 by David McCullough
" J -- you are right! What was I thinking? I have to up the star count. THANKS! "
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Steve Martin
“Talking about music is like dancing about architecture.”
Steve Martin

Pablo Neruda
“I should like to sleep like a cat,
with all the fur of time,
with a tongue rough as flint,
with the dry sex of fire;
and after speaking to no one,
stretch myself over the world,
over roofs and landscapes,
with a passionate desire
to hunt the rats in my dreams.”
Pablo Neruda

Douglas Adams
“Isn't it enough to see that a garden is beautiful without having to believe that there are fairies at the bottom of it too?”
Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Hermann Hesse
“Whoever wants music instead of noise, joy instead of pleasure, soul instead of gold, creative work instead of business, passion instead of foolery, finds no home in this trivial world of ours.”
Hermann Hesse

André Gide
“Believe those who are seeking the truth. Doubt those who find it.”
André Gide

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