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"Hey Whatever: I thought one day pain would disappear, if you ever need help, I'm always here to talk or rant to. "
"Hey Irma! Just wanted to see if you could post on the quest. Thanks! "
"((It's ok. She should be coming back. She just said she was busy and going on vacation so to continue on without her. It's been well over a month now....more "
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The Magic Half by Annie Barrows
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Hard Luck by Jeff Kinney
Hard Luck (Diary of a Wimpy Kid, #8)
by Jeff Kinney (Goodreads Author)
read in May, 2014
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Thor's Serpents by K.L.  Armstrong
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Odin's Ravens by K.L.  Armstrong
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Loki's Wolves by K.L.  Armstrong
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Sweet Legacy by Tera Lynn Childs
Sweet Legacy (Medusa Girls, #3)
by Tera Lynn Childs (Goodreads Author)
read in May, 2014
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Rick Riordan
“You promised, Seaweed brain. We would not get separated! Ever again!”
Rick Riordan, The House of Hades

Rick Riordan
“She grabbed his face and pulled him into a kiss, which effectively shut him up.”
Rick Riordan, The House of Hades

Rick Riordan
“As his raft skimmed over the water, taking him back to the mortal world, he understood a line from the Prophecy better-an oath to keep with a final breath.
He understood how dangerous oaths could be. But Leo didn't care.
"I'm coming back for you, Calypso," he said to the night wind. "I swear it on the River Styx.”
Rick Riordan

Rick Riordan
“Thunder boomed overhead. Lightning flashed, and the bars on the nearest window burst into sizzling, melted stubs of iron.
Jason flew in like Peter Pan, electricity sparking around him and his gold sword steaming.
Leo whistled appreciatively. “Man, you just wasted an awesome entrance.”
Jason frowned. He noticed the hog-tied Kerkopes. “What the—”
“All by myself,” Leo said. “I’m special that way.”
Rick Riordan, The House of Hades

Rick Riordan
I tried to help you make better choices. You could have saved yourself. But you defied me at every step. You built your ship. You joined that foolish quest. Now you are trapped here, helpless, while the mortal world dies.
Leo's hands burst into flame. He wanted to melt Gaea's sandy face to glass. Then he felt Calypso's hand on his shoulder.
"Gaea." Her voice was stern and steady. "You are not welcome.”
Rick Riordan, The House of Hades

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